Dramatic Eye Tutorial

Hello, my friends! As promised in my last post, today I am going to show you how to do a runway-inspired dramatic eye makeup that is much easier to do than it appears. The look is inspired by Chanel Fall-Winter 2017 runway, instead of silver gray makeup, I used iridescent pink for a more spring / summer look.

After applying foundation and eye makeup base if you desire long-lasting, smug-free shadow application, take the following three steps to complete the eye makeup:

Step 1: Conture with eyeshadow

Apply the a light beige near the brow bone, light pink all over the lids and a darker pink at the corner of eyes. I’ve made a short video to show you how this is done:

Step 2: Draw the eye lines

This is where all the fun is. Key to this dramatic eye is a good eyeliner that is easy to apply and will dry super fast. I use Clarin’s 3-Dot liner, it is 3-prone silicon tip makes application super easy, it draws like a pencil but flows like a liquid liner. As a combination, it is much easier to draw a precise line with 3-dot liner.

The first line is the one across the entire lid. I started from the outer corner, dotted a line along the contour of my lid. After the initial line is drawn, I filled it up with small strokes. I did a little winged tip at the outer corner.

For a little added depth, I also draw the regular winged eyeliner but only the outer half.

Step 3: Define the lashes

Once the eyeliners are done, simply curl the lashes and apply volumizing mascara to both upper and lower lashes. I also glued on false lashes before applying mascara. Apply a second coat if more volume is desired.

I’ve demonstrated both step 2 and step 3 in this short video here:

Or you can watch the entire tutorial here:


Thank you so much for reading / viewing! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and would want to try it out yourself! The eyeliner is very easy to remove with either facial cleanser or cleansing wipes. See you in my next post!

<Thanks to Clarins for partnering with this post>

Products Used:

Clarins Palette Conture Visage
Clarins Ombre Iridescente in 09 Silver Rose
Clarins 3-dot liner;
Clarins Mascara Supra Volume


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