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Hello, there! Can’t believe this is our last week and last post on the 30-days challenge. First thing first, I want to thank you, all my cyber friends, for going through this challenge with me. Maybe 30 days is too short a time frame for some to change habits and approaches completely, I hope this challenge¬†will entice a good start.

Here is week 4 of the ab challenge. How are you doing? I am up to 70 sit-ups at once. Due to the said vacation, I didn’t keep it up as planned, now I am skipping rest days to catch up. ūüėÄab-challenge4

Episode Seven: Dress For Yourself

What clothes to wear? This is a very personal, sometimes emotional topic. Many of us knows exactly what to get dressed in, some have no clue, but most, are in-between. Whether your approach to the question is to figure out on your own, seek professional (stylist) help, or look for inspirations from places like this blog, my only advice for you (apart from some tips) is dress to impress (yourself)! Wear cloth that will inspire confidence and let you be who you are!

We are all blessed with different heights, sizes, shapes, faces, personalities, our choices of outfits would and should¬†tell¬†the world who we are, so embrace yourself and put on what makes you feel the best! The first priority of building a functional wardrobe is to define one’s body shape, and pick clothing pieces that will accentuate one’s best asset(s). Even models have best feature vs better features, find what you like the most about your body and let it be the focus of your outfit.

Image Source: www.plussizebella.blogspot.com

Image Source: www.plussizebella.blogspot.com

Color, or lack of color, could be a styling choice but a lot of times, one’s fear of mixing colors. If you like colors but don’t know how to mix them together, a color-wheel can be your good friend. Find your favorite color and then find colors that will compliment it. While one could invest heavily in neutrals and favorite color, a few inexpensive pieces (especially accessories) in the other colors would add interests to your wardrobe.


Image Source: www.lipshipsandfashiontips.com

Trend, oh, what can we do with trend?! Let the trends work for you, not the other way around. Each season, there are a few (not one) trends, some should fit your aesthetics. The Internet is great for finding out what are trending and where  to get them, select a few trendy pieces within your budget that work for you, not only keeps your updated, but save you money to get wardrobe staples.

A while back, I talked about fashionomics and the concept of cost-per-wear. Understand the idea of CPW will help us decide on where to spend our hard-earned money, and often, get away from those purchase impulses. Also, keep in mind , that Rome was not built overnight, pace yourself, add a couple of quality staples each season, both you and your wallet will be happy. ;Ddress foe yourself

Thanks again for going on this journey with me. Please feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment with your thoughts and questions, I will try my best to answer! Be the best of yourself and happy shopping!




3 comments on “30 Days To Fabulous :: Dress For Yourself

  1. Amy

    Your first picture reminds me the gorgeous actress in the movie ‘In the mood for love’. Fabulous figure!!
    I do have a comment/question in my mind. No offence, what is your clothes budget? I admire your outfits a lot; just the prices keep me from buying them. The only thing I bought, inspired by your post, is that white dress (Kate Moss for the Topshop). I, actually, have a pretty wide range in clothes budget, but still prefer to pay the lower end of the range (let’s see < $100), simply because I buy things very often. I wish you could introduce some common brands such as AT, BR, Jcrew, Anthropologie, even Gap, The limited et al., whose local stores can be easily found. I used to buy clothing online through some popular websites (not very successfully), but recently figured out that it's better to browse local stores, so that I can try on, mull over, not mention clothes are usually cheaper in store.
    Well, I said 'wish' because everyone has her preferences in brand, style, fitness … A blogger has no responsibility to change her preferences corresponding to readers'.

    1. petiteflower

      Thanks for your candid comment, Amy! I have to say, my wardrobe budget went up quite a bit because I am buying more things at full price now instead of on sale.

      To answer your question, I used to buy primarily from mall brands when I had an office job. As I grew away from that environment, I began to gravitate towards designs that are bit more ‘adventurous”, if I may say so. Most of them are not available in said stores. Many fashion bloggers do, however, wear plenty of designs from high street brands such as Zara, Topshop, ASOS, etc. I also begin to experiment more with their pieces as well as designs from new designers that are not costing an arm and leg. At the same time, I try to provide more economical alternatives to my outfits that could accomplish the same look.

      That have said, it is my point to make that for most of us, quality should precede quantity. Even as a fashion blogger, I do my best to showcase items that would last for a while and can be worn in many occasions.

      1. Amy

        I totally understand. Being unique is the most important for a young blogger. Let your own style be the foundation and main frame, and add some street brands just for fun.