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Hello, my friends! How are we doing on the exercising front? The first three days is always the toughest if you were not use to exorcise, especially the sculpting part. Do what you can, as most fitness instructors / trainers would say, but keep at it! Also, don’t forget to stretch before and after exercise to help with muscle soreness. I take yoga class on a regular basis but I still stretch before my cardio and sculpting classes. Sometimes, the muscle would still be quite painful afterwards, that is when I go get a massage. 🙂

Episode Three: Love Your Skin

They say “love the skin you are in”, in this episode, I literarily mean “the skin” — our largest organ that covers the entire body.

Photo Source: organicforlife.com

Photo Source: organicforlife.com

Care for our skin is an inside out and top down process. First, there are foods promote radiant skin such as various fruits mentioned in this article and various soy products; and there are the ones that are bad for our skin, fried food and processed sugar, caffeine, etc. There is not set rule as to what one must have or must avoid, however, moderation is the key. After all, our overall well-being depends on our gratification towards life’s quality, if sweets and french fries make you happy, live a little, just don’t over do it. 🙂


Photo Source: Dermadoctor.com

The next thing I have to stress is get enough sleep. I, myself, is particularly bad at this. I sleep on average less than 6 hours a day and I stay up to the wee hours, it is totally NOT recommended! Long (>6 hours per day), quality (between 11pm-7am) sleep is essential to our health, not only it allows our body to recover so we could be more focused and effective at what we do during the day, but also it gives our body enough time to get rid of wastes and toxicants, hence a more optimal weight and better skin. I personally observed a dramatic difference in my skin firmness and radiance when I get up in the morning with only 4 hours of sleep versus 7, and you can guess which one is better than the other. moisturizer-for-acn For any skin type, moisturizing and sun protection are the two must-have skincare routine . Learn your skin type and use suitable skin care products. Skin care products do not have to be fancy and expensive, as long as they do the job. For I have normal to dry skin, I use products that are specifically formulated for dry skin, and now aging skin. Besides my neck and face area, I religiously apply moisturizer to my entire body each time after I shower, even at the gym, as well as using hand cream each time after washing hands. For your reference, here is a simplified diagram of daily skin care regiment, and here is another more detailed one.product order Besides a daily regiment of gentle exfoliation, moisturizing and protecting, it is advisable to pamper our skin from time to time. Facials, body scrubs, you name it! My favorite “special” treatment is full body scrub, Korean style. It is not the most glorify experience, I must say, but man my skin felt SO smooth and soft afterwards. If you have a Korean spa near you, must try once! Other than that, I am pretty much self-sufficient, applying various masks and exfoliating products at home. 🙂


Photo Source: yibailu.com

Last but not least, take care of our hair and nails, they are just as important as our skin! When it comes to these two, I believe less is more. As enchanting as nail polishes are, it is important to give our nails a break and go polish-free from time to time. A crib sheet to sum up today’s topic, as always, and a list of skin care and body care products I am currently using, just in case. 🙂beauty

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