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Happy Humpsday, my friend! A few weeks ago, I was invited by the very lovely and super stylish Erica of The Simple Chic Brunette to participate in A Tour Through Blogland (my feature here). I found it a great way to discover blogs of your interest and learn more about the bloggers behind them.  I’ve benefit from this initiative both professionally (more recognition among peers) and personally (bonding with fellow bloggers).

Today, I want to introduce three of my most admired bloggers to you, they each have a unique style and all offer great inspiration. I hope you enjoy browsing their blogs and will continue to visit them and follow them on Instagram (beautiful pics all the time)! Without further a due, here they are:

The Simple Chic Brunette by Erica

Instagram: @thesimplechicbrunette

The name “The Simple Chic Brunette” came to me being that I am a brunette and I have a laid back simple “Cali Cool” vibe with an added flair of Boho and Rocker Chic. I have worked in the fashion industry for approx 10 years. I am immersed in fashion daily, which certainly does help me understand and know current and future trends. This helps me write and chronicle my daily observations and through my eyes you will see a different perspective on the fashion industry through the eyes of someone working behind the scenes while not a designer still completely involved in so many aspects. I work full-time and blog on my spare time, so I might now have a blog post up all the time, but I try. You can find my daily posts on Instagram consists of either an outfit post or an inspiration or from time to time I work with other bloggers in bringing you a series of posts covering a certain topic. I truly enjoy the connecting with other through blogging and Instagram it’s a whole new way of communicating and I love it.

I love creating looks that are affordable yet chic with my own personal flair. I classify my style as simple, yet current with trends. I feel being chic is being classic and realistic with fashion while always adding my own personal flair. Also, an important piece of the puzzle of style is beauty. I love the simplicity of looking fresh with without being overdone. In all, style to me is the whole package and I believe that beauty comes from within and the elements you choose to accentuate your look tell your story.


Fashioned Chic by Erica

Instagram: @fashionedchicstyling

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I started my blog a few years ago after I started my own personal styling business as a way to offer quick and easy styling tips.

I enjoy the creative process of putting together an outfit and then capturing it in the most flattering way possible. Blogging is a full time job and being a mom and personal stylist I find I only have time to put out one maybe two quality posts a week, but always wished I could find the time to post more often. Now that my Instagram account has grown so much I dedicate a little time everyday trying to create a pretty picture centered around my daily outfits. I love that it has served as another creative outlet outside the blog.

I use the blog as a platform to hopefully inspire others to develop a signature style. As a personal stylist I have seen time and time again that creating a signature style has a way of developing confidence so that one can go out and conquer the world!


Sarah Styles Seattle by Sarah

Instagram: @sarahstylesseattle


I’m Sarah Butler of Sarah Styles Seattle, a Seattle-based corporate fashion PR specialist turned personal style blogger. Frequently traveling for work and leisure – I created my blog to document my personal style, travels, and every discovery along the way.

Professionally I am a creative consultant specializing in fashion. With a Master’s Degree in Arts Leadership, my areas of expertise include creative direction, digital marketing, and fashion styling. When I launched my consulting business, I launched my blog simultaneously. Creating my blog to share my point of view with a larger community has enabled me to connect with a whole new community online, both professionally and personally. And thus, opened up so many new and exciting opportunities for me. My advice to other bloggers is just to share what you love and to fill your content with your own unique point of view.

I would describe my personal style as glam meets boho. I prefer clean lines and structured silhouettes paired with eye-catching details, prints, or accessories. That means a lot of monochromatic looks paired with bold accessories… lots of fringe, hats, beading, etc. I love that “thrown together” look. Although, in my case, how I layer colors, patterns, and so on is often very thoughtful 🙂


6 comments on “A Tour Through Blogland

  1. thesimplechicbrunette

    Holly! You’re amazing and so inspiring! I totally admire you and am so happy to have met you through the wonderful IG. Thank you so much for the feature. xoxo

    1. petiteflower

      You are so welcome and this is long over-due! I am so glad finally I got to post this feature! ^^

    1. petiteflower

      That sounds great! Thank you, Carrie, for all the support!

  2. fashionedchic

    Thanks so much for the feature! You are such a sweet and creative spirit! You always make my day more interesting and fun with your amazing posts! xxxx

    1. petiteflower

      You are so welcome, Erica! It is my pleasure and honor to be able to feature you here! 🙂