Casual Glam :: Ruffled Satin & Striped Jersey

Hello, my dear friends! Like it or not, winter is coming and we feel the increasing need to dress comfortably and hope to look stylish at the same time. What gives us the ultimate comfort clothing-wise? Athletic wear, no? Those who live in their yoga pants, raise your hand. Women who have less or no need to show up in offices find it unnecessary to “dress up” all the time so they resort to athletic wear for everyday comfort. I don’t blame them, I did the same before I started blogging. This post is not about how a woman has to sacrifice comfort for glam, it is more about how to look glam while keeping the comfort, because now we can, so why don’t we?5s6a1678

Key to today’s casual glam look is the track pants . Earlier this spring, designers decided track pants should be cool, as a result, we now have plenty of super comfortable track pants to choose from. The stripes are handsome, a good way to add color and they visually lengthens, three birds one stone if not counting the comfort factor. When selecting these pants, I look for a relatively loose but not baggy fit because I prefer a sleek silhouette but also want to avoid camel toe. Fabric choices are plenty, the best of them are heavy jersey, however, it drapes much better than wool or others.5s6a16145s6a1672s

For the glam part, this is where we can get very creative. I love satin, velvet, lace and sometimes metallic and sequins for a touch of glam, even with cotton, design details like ruffles, cut-outs, creatively placed zippers can also provide that special interest. In today’s outfit, I wore a satin blouse with ruffles-trimed sleeves and zipped up collar. The collar design is very athletic and it made the blouse pair well with track pants, otherwise, satin with ruffles might be just a bit too much.

Footwear, you all know I love shoes. As much as I agree sneakers are cool, I still don’t like to wear mine outside the gym except my Gucci ones which I don’t wear to the gym ironically. 😀 To make an athelisure look more polished, I opted for a pair of loafers for this look. When it gets too cold for loafers, I’d go with sleek ankle boots like these, no heels.5s6a17615s6a1735

This outfit can be easily layered for winter. Shearling coat, chunky cardigan, or a man’s style wool coat are all good options. Top with a fedora and big scarf, you will be safe-sailing until it snows, then you just add the puffer and ear muffs. ^^

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Magda Butrym blouse <budget version>;
See by Chloe pants <budget version>;
Rejina Pyo loafers <similar>;
Saint Laurent bag <budget version>;
Yestadt Millinery hat <similar>;
Fendi bagcharm <budget version>;
Celine sunglasses;


2 comments on “Casual Glam :: Ruffled Satin & Striped Jersey

  1. Michbluestyle

    Fabulous look! I am so in love with this blouse! The M Butrym’s design is so feminine and elegant! Love their Blazer too.

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you dear! Magda Butrym is certain a new design to watch. 🙂