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Happy weekend, my friends! Hope you are having a good one so far. Finally, I went though photos I took with my DSLR in Barcelona, I want to share some of them with you here. This is not going to be a typical post about fashion, I hope you still enjoy the picture and stories, nonetheless. ūüôā

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The day we arrived in Barcelona, we hopped on a city tour bus which took us to all the major landmarks. My foremost impression of Barcelona’s architecture, besides the famous ones, was they were quite ornate. The buildings might be boxy, but the windows, balconies, doors, are all decorated to a certain degree. Even the ones built in the industrial era, cast iron flower beds and national flag of Spain everywhere. In the historical part of the town, streets are narrower and paved with stones, they are so intertwined, one has to have a pretty good sense of direction not to get lost without a map.¬†We loved those alleys covered by sculpted archways, and sometimes lined with trees.

The Sagrada Familia is, of course, spatacular. Without any sort of preview, we were totally taken away by the design brilliance of Gaudi, how the inside maximize the effects of light and sound while resembles nature, which even for the agnostics and the atheists, IMHO, is the true all mighty. I love, in particular, the light come through all the stained glasses, painting areas of the church with rainbow colors, they are purely magical.5S6A6848

Barcelona is Gaudi’s town, no doubt about it.¬†Casa Batll√≥, one of his signature works, is located near the city center, no excuse not to visit. Again, the masterful use of light and energy-consiciousness, is mind-blowing! For a city that can accept such forward-thinking in architecture, no wonder it is also the place where avant-garde artists such as Dali and Picasso flourished.5S6A7039 5S6A7043 5S6A7045 5S6A7051

The following is a slideshow of pictures I took around the city :

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The first thing we did, after dropping off our luggage, was finding a local cafe for a quick snack. I ordered a macchiato, which came in a tiny cup compared to what we used to have in the States. Even though I was prepared for smaller cups, I wasn’t really prepared for this small. I was not prepared for how tasty the pastry and sandwiches were, either. Later during our visit, we stopped by random places for lunch and dinner, they all turned out to be quite nice.

One thing I noticed is there are a lot of starch in people’s diet¬†there, bread, potato, rice, etc. Vegetables, especially greens, not so much. Even at one of the largest food market, ¬†there are stand after stand selling ham, fruit, sweets, but only a few selling vegetables. One of the nights, my MIL and I walked 10 minutes to a Chinese restaurant to get our green fix. ūüėÄ5S6A6814
Here are a few pictures I took at the food market and during one of the lunches we had:

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What surprised me the most, or I was least prepared for, is fashion in Barcelona. Women are very attractive, many look just like the ones in Goya’s paintings, striking. Most of them tend to wear the same kind of clothing, however, especially young girls. The “uniform” is black, simple knitted top, skinny jeans (black or navy), leather jacket or utility jacket or puffers. Nine out of ten girls on the street is dressed in this uniform. I found it very interesting¬†that a city’s buildings are more decorated than its people. I guess what I thought of flamenco and modern Spain is like what people thought of Peking Opera and modern China. ;D5S6A6994 5S6A6995

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All in all, I found unprepared trips like this very rewarding. No expectations mean great happy surprises! Might not be the wisest thing to do with a larger group and for longer stay, but for a short visit, it is perfect. Barcelona, we will be back!

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post!

(Outfit 1: Dris Van Noten shirt; Isa Arfen sweater; Frame Denim jeans; Prada flats; Chloe bag;)

(Outfit 2: Aritzia sweater; 3.1 Phillip Lim skirt; Fiorentini + Baker boots; J Crew socks; Givenchy bag; Dior earrings)

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