Basically Per”sueded” :: The Trench & The Culottes

Hi, dear friends! Mid-week again, some might begin to scratch their heads thinking what to wear to work? Not quite the casual Friday yet a bit tired of wearing another variation of pencil skirt / dress pants. Please, allow me, the pleasure of introducing you one of 2015’s hottest and super office-friendly trend: culottes!

It is not fresh-off-the-press news that these cut-off wide-leg pants are popular now, as a matter of fact, they have been popping up on the runway since 2013. It is just that, like many trends, it started as a few streams here and there and gradually merge into this rapid river. Now in 2015, there are so many variations of culottes out there, almost anyone can find her perfect pair at an acceptable price point.Petiteflowerpresents theory-11

When it comes to pick the perfect culottes, three things matter: material, waist line and length. Material-wise, especially for office wear, heavy fabrics that hold the shape well, such as wool, heavy linen, leather, suede, are all desirable.  Light-weight wool and leather ones are more versatile, for one can pair with pumps and flats during warm months and knee-high boots during colder ones.Petiteflowerpresents theory-12 Petiteflowerpresents theory-3

How high should the waist line be? Unless you are looking for that slouchy, garconne look, normal to high-waist is probably more appropriate and complimentary to most body types. The culottes shares the same outline of a A-line skirt, you want the top to sit at the smaller part of your waist to accentuate the proportions. In today’s case, this suede pair sits right above my hip, so I paired with a fitted jacket which shows off the waist quite nicely when buttoned.Petiteflowerpresents theory-24Petiteflowerpresents theory-21

The length of culottes are the trickiest of all three because too short they are too sporty and too long they visually “shorten” our legs. The correct length should be either right below knee (which I found perfect for petites), or right below the thickest part of our calves, i.e. tea length. If a pair of culottes is too long but otherwise ideal, I’d say get it and hem it. 🙂Petiteflowerpresents theory-26

After seeing many runway and street style photos of culottes (some I pinned on my Pinterest), I am convinced that they could be paired with any shoe. In today’s outfit, mine is on the shorter end, I felt okay to pair with flats. I’ve also paired a long one with flats before, but in most cases, I would wear some kind of heels with tea-length culottes. One other thing, for girls with narrow hips, culottes with pleads can do wonders. ^^Petiteflowerpresents theory-27Petiteflowerpresents theory-28

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post!

(Burberry trench coat; Gucci blazer; Doll Memories silk blouse <c/o>; Theory suede culottes; Chanel loafers; Celine bag <similar>& sunglasses😉

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5 comments on “Basically Per”sueded” :: The Trench & The Culottes

  1. lornaluxe

    you persueded me! hehe x

    1. petiteflower

      Good! You’ve already rocking the trend, though! 😀

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    1. petiteflower

      Thank you so much! This blouse is definitely dreamy!