Beauty Routine After Makeup

Happy weekend, my friends! Last month, when we were doing the 30 Days To Fabulous challenge, my last episode was about makeup. Today’s post is a follow-up on that topic, especially now we are going into fall, a little extra care is always good when the climate changes. Without further a due, let’s talk about a few tips to take care of our skin (both face & body) when it is getting colder and drier.

My beauty routine has changed quite a bit since I started blogging, mainly because now I need to put serious makeup including false lashes, mascara and eyeliner. They are notorious for being hard to remove. After months of experimenting, I think I finally got the right “formula”. 🙂

The first thing I do is take off eye makeup using makeup remover specially formulated for eyes. I’ve tried several brands, Laura Mecier, Makeup Forever, Amway…none worked well and all stings, especially the Amway ones, burned my eyes. 🙁 My quest for a gentle and effective eye makeup remover was over when I got the Napoleon. It was an oil and solution mix so shake well before use. Took off everything, the mascara in particular. The only thing is, skin left oily afterwards, so additional washing is needed, which is my next step anyway.


Napolean Auto Pilot Duet Makeup Remover

Following the makeup removal, I would wash my face throughly using first a gentle facial cleanser like this one, then use Clearsonic face brush to get a deeper cleansing. If I had been sweating or in a dusty area, I’d apply an exfoliator for extra cleansing. I’ve also been down many paths with facial exfoliator, and I’ve always coming back to Sisley. My current one is Sisley’s Cream Gommante and I am in a happy place.


Sisley Creme Gommante Gentle Facial Buffing Cream

Now the face is squeaky clean, what is next? Since I’ve just put my face through some “torture”, and it is fall which means dry time, I’d comfort it with a wash-off mask. I discover most skin care products through using those little free samples during various beauty event, the masks I use are no exception. For an after makeup soothing one, I highly recommend Glamglow’s Thirstymud. There’d be a slight sting for the first few second because of the acid but after washing off, the skin is very supple and no additional moisturizer is needed. The next morning, skin is still plum and well “watered”.


Glamglow Thirtymud

Last but not least, fall is also the time we take care our body with something extra. I have very dry skin and it tend to get flaky in colder months. The regular drugstore enriched body moisturizer doesn’t cut it in this time of the year. The solution I found is adding a few pumps of skin oil to my body lotion and it works wonders! The Nuxe dry oil is legendary, I bought a dozen last time I went to France but now you can order them online here in States. One bottle would last me about three months with daily use. Mixing with lotion also makes the application easier so less oil could be used. It has a citrus smell, very pleasant.


Nuxe Dry Skin Oil

So, that is my beauty “secret” in fall. I felt compelled to write about this because we normally put so much emphasis on how to put on make up but not “what after”. So I hope this post would give you some good pointers, please drop me a note in the comment about your fall skin care routine, and/or your experience with the products if you decide to try, would love to hear it all! (Click on the picture of each product will take you to the store where you can buy them).

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post!


2 comments on “Beauty Routine After Makeup

  1. brighting

    Nice post, I don’t do makeup very often. For eye makeup remover, right now I am using sample of Guerlain, LOL. actually I love it, pretty gentle.

    1. petiteflower

      Good to know, I haven’t tried Guerlain, maybe next time I will get a tester. 🙂