petiteflowerpresents gondolas watching at Ponte rialto in venice, Italy

Best Gondola Watching

Hello, my friends! Another week flew by, I am still working on photos from Italy. All of the places we visited are just so photogenic, you can’t help but keep on sending out shutter flies, especially in Venice! In today’s post, I want to share with you a few of my favorite photos taken in Venice.

All first-time visitors to Venice should be alerted that gondolas are outdated method transportation, because they are purely manual and have very small capacity. Venetians rely on public ferries or private speed boats for their everyday transportation, gondolas are predominately for tourists as a novelty. The price of a gondola ride is very expensive, 80 to 100 euros per half hour.

Although riding a gondola is an unforgettable experience, a big part of the gondola fun in Venice is watching them. During our stay in Venice, I spent a fair amount of time watching gondolas, and here are some of my favorite spots to watch them, while enjoyed a snack or the like, and the best part, they are free (unless you choose to sit in a cafe or restaurant).

Colonne di San Marco e San Todaro

This column is a landmark of Venice, right at the entrance of San Marco Square by the waterfront, facing Church of San Giorgio Maggiore. There is a row of gondolas parked in front of the column day and night, making it a perfect spot for gondola watch as well as a super photogenic one.

petiteflowerpresents gondolas parked across san giorgio maggiore in venice, italy

gondolas parked across san giorgio maggiore in the morning

petiteflowerpresents gondola watching in venice italy sunset

watching gondola in sunset across from San Giorgio Maggiore


Ponte dei Sospiri

Of the hundreds of bridges in Venice, Bridge of Sighs is ranked the top five must-see because of its beauty. Located right next to San Marco Square, you can’t miss it because the constant large crowd gathered in front taking pictures. While the bridge itself is beautiful, it is quintessential Venice to photograph it with a few gondolas in sight.

petiteflowerpresents bridge of sigh in venice italy

Bridge of Sighs


Rio de Palazzo o de Canonica

The cannel beneath Bridge of Sighs is part of all the gondola rides departing from San Marco Square, it gets constant gondola traffic. The two bridges after Bridge of Sighs (accessible via Calle de le Rasse) are perfect spots for watching gondola traffic as the cannel become much narrower around these bridges.

petiteflowerpresents gondola watching behind bridge of sigh in venice, italy

Gondolas streaming down behind Bridge of Sigh

petiteflowerpresents traffic jame of gondolas in venice, italy

traffic jame of gondolas


Palazzo Soranzo

Rio de Palazzo t-bone into another cannel around Palazzo Soranzo, the cannel is a lot wider, perfect for gondolas to turn the corner, also perfect for watching gondolas from both waterways. There is also a gondola station at the turn, it was quite entraining to watch the interaction between gondoliers as well.

petiteflowerpresents gondolas turn around corner in venice, italy

Gondolas at turn of every corner

petiteflowerpresents resting gondolier in venice, italy

resting gondolier


Bacino Orseolo

On the other side of San Marco Square, in front of Hotel Caveletto and Hard Rock Cafe, there is a rather large gondola station. Most daytime tourists come from cruise ships would come here for their gondola ride, it was very interesting to watch the interactions between gondoliers and the tour guides, the line up of gondola are also visually pleasant.

petiteflowerpresents gondolaies getting ready to work in the morning in venice, italy

Gondolaies are getting ready to work in the morning


Campo Manin

This square is right down the street from our Airbnb, the bridges by the square are super cute. You probably remember one of them from a previous post, we crossed the bridges several times a day, it is always a pleasure pause for a few minutes and watch the gondolas passing by.

petiteflowerpresents view of bridge from a gondola in venice, italy

View of bridge from our gondola ride

petiteflowerpresents gondolas in canel in venice, italy

Ponte Del Lovolo

I came across this bridge by accident because I was lost. The waterway beneath it is so narrow that only one vessel can pass at a time. It was a very fun sight to see all the gondolas lined up at the same angle trying to get in and pass through this alley. Bonus: there is a super cute lavender-everything store around the corner which is super photogenic.

petiteflowerpresents gondolas line up in a narrow ally in venice, italy

gondolas line up in a narrow ally


Ponte di Rialto

Rialto Bridge is the most famous bridge of Venice, not only it is very impressive architecture-wise, the landscape around is also beautiful. There are gondola stations on both sides of the bridge, also lots of gondolas started from inland stations would most likely enter the grand cannel at one point near the Rialto Bridge. The cafes along side the cannel offer great view of all the boats, but you can also get the same view by just standing next to them. 😀

petiteflowerpresent gondola under the rialto bridge in venice, italy

gondola crossing under Ponte di Rialto

petiteflowerpresents gondolas watching near rialto bridge in venice, italy

gondolas watching near rialto bridge


Another Boat

Last but not least, view of gondolas from another boat is a must do. The public ferry, vaporetto, is 2 euros per ride, the cheapest way to travel down the entire Grand Cannel and see all the landmarks and gondolas.

petiteflowerpresents gondola ride in venice, italy wearing pink sun dress

Gondola ride in Venice

petiteflowerpresents gondolier at work in Venice, Italy


petiteflowerpresents gondola in grand cannel of venice, italy

gondola in Grand Cannel


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. See you in my next post!



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