Art Indulgence :: White Mesh & Black Jumpsuit

Hello, my dear friends! I have not been very good at keeping up with the blog lately, my apologies! There are a lot of good things happening, though, and I am excited to bring them to you in the following weeks. Please bear with me while I am sorting them out.

One of the things I always love and draw lots of my inspirations from is art. My favorite is French Impressionism, whereas the blending of colors, usage of strokes, subtlety of stories, etc, simply fascinate me. It is a bit abstract and modern, but I don’t need an art degree to appreciate their beauty. With styling and outfits, I try to accomplish the same — looks that anyone can appreciate without knowing the brand, style references, etc, just like them as they are. I also incorporate art into my photo shoots often, you probably have seen plenty of them. Even though our livelihood might not depend on art, it is so vital to the quality of our living, seeing art and support art is an indulgence we all need to have from time to time.5s6a53425s6a5443

When I received this black-n-white outfit from Asilio, an Australian designer I recently discovered, the beautiful beading details on the top and the simple yet super flattering cut of the jumpsuit, reminds me of the beauty of contemporary sculptures at the National Gallery of Art, I couldn’t think of a better backdrop for this look.5s6a53835s6a5428 The East Wing was under renovation for a few months, we got lucky that on the day of our visit, it was just finished and ready for the public.We got special permission to photograph because the gallery was actually closed for a members’ gala, the beige platform you see in some pictures is actually a podium for speakers. 😀5s6a5422 5s6a5432

Simple silhouette calls for simple accessories. For this look, I chose my new favorite contemporary bag from JW Anderson (the black one sold out most places, but you can pre-order here) and a pair of slides that are also simple with an edge. The heels are pretty low, perfect for extending period of standing while providing that physical and emotional lift we need from heels.5s6a5497 5s6a5534 5s6a55195s6a5487

Thank you so much for reading! Wish you a great weekend ahead, see you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Asilio top & jumpsuit;
Chanel shoes;
JW Anderson bag <other colors>;
Dannijo choker necklace;