Black Jacket dress with oxford shoes

Boy Meets Girl :: Black Jacket Dress & Pink Clutch

Hello, dear friends! I don’t know about you, it usually takes me a few days to “recover” from a weekend of festivities and mentally transition back to the daily routine. If it was a vacation, I’d take a week to get back to normal. ;D What helps, is to put on a business-like outfit and a few snaps of fingers, “Com’on, we got this!”

What I have on today is a complete outfit by Acne Studios except the accessories. My fondness of the Swedish minimalist brand has grown ten folds in the recent months. Recent collections from Acne Studios are highly functional and on point. Judging from the few pieces I’ve already own, the quality of the fabric is exceptional and the cut is a bit on the larger side for the petite-framed, so go a size down from your normal size if you prefer your clothing to be more snug-fit.side view of dress jacket black and pink pairing Acne Studio dress jacket black organza Acne Studios organza dress jacket back view
The dress jacket can be worn as it and it as rather sexy as shown on the runway. I found it is nearly impossible not to reveal the majority of my chest and have to rely on quality double-side tape (lots of it) to keep the garment in place. A much safer practice is wearing something beneath. Considering the structured lines and dark color, I chose to wear a light pink blouse underneath to lighten up the overall mood and inject a bit estrogen into this otherwise super masculine look.
Valentino rockstud clutch pink Celine gold-plated oxford close up Dior 360 earrings

When the temperature drops, I look forward to pair this jacket with turtlenecks and wide-leg pants, platform boots are a must if I don’t want my legs to look too short. 😀

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Acne Studios jacket <on sale>;
Acne Studios shirt <white, on sale>;
Celine oxford shoes;
Valentino clutch;
Dior earrings;



4 comments on “Boy Meets Girl :: Black Jacket Dress & Pink Clutch

    1. petiteflower

      Hehe, I don’t know what is my style, still. Often, I see a design I like, I’d think what in my closet can work with it. Of course, each season we go through a certain phase that certainly is influenced by popular trends a lot.

  1. Nathalie

    I don’t mean to be one of those girls but please do me a favour. If you EVER consider selling these shoes please email me straight away. I would buy them from you in a heartbeat. I wanted them so badly before and they never crossed my path. They are the shoe i pinned more than any other shoe before!!!

    PS – you look amazing as always. Very Yoyo Cao.


    1. petiteflower

      Now that you mentioned it, this look is very Yoyo. 😀 I love her style! And you will be the first in line for these shoes. Do you know the platform (b&w nonetheless) version is on YOOX?