Brown Bag Etiquette :: Ruffled Top & Cropped Pants

Greetings, my friends! Around this time of the year, it is really pleasant, perfect for outdoor activities. So we went out for a photo shoot the other day, it was just like today, a little cloudy and chill in the morning, sunny and breezy in the afternoon. Unfortunately, or shall I say, fortunately, I didn’t scout out the location properly we ended up switching to the Sculpture Garden on the Mall. It has a huge, round water fountain ,with benches surrounding it. Jazz concerts would take place here throughout summer, during the winter months, I think it turns into an ice rink.

A gorgeous day like that, people are out, enjoying their lunches and conversations on the bench. Some kids were dipping their little feet in the water, so were some adults. This reminds me a lot of Paris, no matter how small a garden is, even if it is just a statue with a single bench, someone would be sitting there, enjoying lunch with a view.5S6A03515S6A0235 5S6A0367

It was almost like a culture shock to me when I first noticed Parisians and their brown bag lunch habit: must sit down and must have a view. In the States, where do we normally eat our lunches if there is no company? At our desks, right? Like some of you might be doing at the same time of reading this post. ;D5S6A0433 5S6A0402

Why the difference? I am not sure. Maybe we like to multi-task? or Maybe it is not quite socially acceptable to be seen eating alone in public? I suspect the former is closer to truth. At least the Americans would “hide” and eat, the Chinese, like how I was growing up, would eat on the go. By the time one gets back to office, lunch would be eaten. It took me a few years to figure that out — don’t eat or drink while walking, it is bad etiquette. Now, I am wondering, should it also become mandatory for people to eat their brown bag lunches with a view of landscape / nature instead of computer screens? The next time, weather permits, I will go sit outside and admire my neighbor’s patio, all the while savoring some leftovers for lunch. 🙂5S6A0468 5S6A0542

Thank you so much for reading! Until my next post!

(Viva Aviva top; Alexander McQueen pantsSaint Laurent heels (on sale), Alexander McQueen clutch, Lele Sadoughi chocker, Jennifer Zeuner necklace)

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4 comments on “Brown Bag Etiquette :: Ruffled Top & Cropped Pants

  1. brighting

    Beautiful and sexy Hair! the outfit is gorgeous too! nice weekend..

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, dear! My hair is getting too long, need a cut soon. 😀

  2. Amy

    Love your outfit. everything is so feminine.
    The necklace is really my cup of tea: gold, thin, feminine. I have been searching this kind of necklace for a long time!
    But, I am not familiar with the brand. Is the material real gold, or just gold polish.
    Thank you!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Amy! Both necklaces are gold plated, not 100% gold.