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Howdy! Another week, another half foot snow! This has to be the most-snowed winter we ever had, kids totally lost interest in playing in the fluffy white, they chose to swim in the gym instead.

Several times, I had reader telling me my clothes are far out of the budget of most. Guilty as charged, I began to reflect more what I could do to bring more value to you, my dear friends. Tips? Tutorials? Discussions? Case analysis? A dear friend told me that a good blog should have at least 30 to 40 percent knowledge to have a grit, that got me thinking. Instead of just showing random pictures of me wearing expensive clothes, maybe I should start different topics that you care the most, fashion-related, of course.

Today, we will talk about fashion with a budget, I’d like to name it “Budget Styler”. More outfits and ideas will be presented with the same title. Let’s get started. One of the trends of 2014 is cropped, big pants. I love it because it is stylish and comfortable. I don’t think it will last forever, however, so it seems impractical to spend close to a grand on one pair. Another thing that is huge but will cool down fast (IMHO), is layering those dainty jewelry, definitely not spending an arm and leg on each piece. One would need at least a few pieces to achieve the layering effect, mind you. Last but not least, basic sweaters, no matter how expensive yours are, they pile and get eaten by moth, so if it is a sweater you will wear often and wash often, it’d be better bang for your buck to get a dozen of cheap ones than one Loro Piana. Today, for the first time, I am given Zara a try. Can’t get better than a $16 black sweater that looks somewhat stylish. I said somewhat is because it has nylon and sticks to the skin so it didn’t really look as elegant as it was on Zara’s website. Next time, I will get the $30 J. Crew merino one. 😀IMG_6727 IMG_6738IMG_6790 IMG_6872

Add them all up, I spent little over $230 ($160 pants, $60 jewelry, $17 sweater) to catch up with some new trends, providing the pants can last a couple of seasons, what do you all think, worth it or not?IMG_6969IMG_6966IMG_6884

Thank you so much for reading! Would love to hear your ideas of what could be good topics for this blog,  until my next post!

:: Outfit ::

Leather Bomber Jacket :: Etoile Isabel Marant (similar here);
Black Sweater :: Zara (here);
Carpenter’s Pants :: Black Crane (sold out, sign up for updates here);
Gold Plate Brogue :: Celine (similar here)
Accessories :: Elizabeth & James sunglasses;
Clare Vivier clutch; Athra jewelry;


8 comments on “Budget Styler :: Mass Black & Dainty Gold

  1. brighting

    loose pants with loafers..sounds great but its not easy to take stunning portaits,but you did it!。你穿衣风格千变万化,虽说很多是大牌,但给了我很多启发。光看其实也是一种交流学习。thanks for sharing. my dear.

    1. petiteflower

      No, baggy pants is never the sexy type, for most women. 🙂 I think when wearing items like such that has a lot of male elements, our attitude is the key, also balance off with some feminine details such as a lace detail or in this case, dainty jewelry.

  2. 揽香

    When I saw this post of yours I just felt I had a lot to say (not serious talk, just casual thoughts :). Coincidence 1, I am wearing a similar outfit today, especially the pants, wide cropped pants. I just love wide pants. Coincidence 2, I was chatting with my daughter the past Sunday on our way to shopping. I told her your blog was my favorite one, among all the fashion bloggers. I told her that I noticed the price tag of your outfits, but what had been attracting me more was the way you styled them (Of course I do love and appreciate any high quality stuff). You are not wearing brand NAMES, you are wearing them with your charm and your insights. You made them your own (the difference between 衣穿人 and人穿衣). I believe those designers will appreciate your interpretation of their design if they have a chance to see you. So keep the good job. Actually if you did not release the brands of your outfit today, I couldn’t tell just by looking at the pictures but still love them, since what I look for is how you style them.
    On the other side, I do like your exploration in blogging, like today’s post. I would like to see your discussion on hair styling tips, make up tips, how to style hair and makeup to go with an outfit style, and how to photograph self portrait (gadgets and tips involved), etc.
    In general, which topic(s) to pick depends on how you define your blog, and at which level you would like to set your blog. It may also influence the population group and size of the population that follow your blog.
    Just love your blog!

    1. petiteflower

      Dear 揽香, it warms my heart to read every word your wrote! I will continue to explore my personal style as well as finding better ways to share my learnings with you guys. Definitely some tips on makeup and hair, even skin care, I think those are equally important to any look. I will also reorganize my blog so it will be easier to navigate.

      Thanks again!

  3. SWQ


    其次,您这二百五水分多了点吧。。。鞋,包,眼镜,皮外套您都没算进去,(当然,穿那土豪金鞋还不如光脚好看:) 全加起来又得上千了吧。。。 下次算帐请连袜子都加进去哈。。。哈哈哈。。。


    1. petiteflower


      我说的是“catching up” 不是革新换面哈,鞋,包,皮衣,眼镜,早就买了,sunk cost.;D

      1. SWQ

        噢,我还以为你突然间 “良心发现,大彻大悟 ,痛改前非,重新作人” 了呐。。。 合着我们被你小忽悠了一下哈。。。 :)

  4. Danxuan

    Enjoy reading. Just enjoy!