Work Casual :: Ruffled Denim & Silk Flower

Hello, my friends! When you hear the word “work casual”, what comes first in mind? Jeans? Khaki? Back during the days I was working in an office, casual meant jeans in the office, at least for the ladies. Nowadays, denim designs can be very sophisticated and very ladylike, would you still consider it casual? Today, I am going to show you an outfit that has a denim component while the rest is very business-like, I will let you be the judge whether this should be restricted to casual Friday or it can be worn anytime of the week.selfportrait-2selfportrait-3

One the top, we got pinstripe blouse with ruffles, cute and super office-friendly, the silk flower can be a bit much for office, but can also be easily replace by a skinny scarf or a smaller flower brooch. It is very Victorian doing so, kind of bookish, too, and it is trending. Silk flower pin can also be a fun fashion DIY project, just make sure use quality silk flower, and mix in some velvet ribbon plus antique-looking hardware, all of which should be easily found online.5S6A0283 selfportrait-7

While the top is kind of serious, the bottom part needs to say “chill” and that is when the denim comes in. Maybe it is just how I see it, the lighter the wash, the more relaxed a denim garment means. I have this dark navy wash shorts with ruffled edge, to me, this is a dress-up piece because of the color and style. Last time, I paired with a maxi dress for a house party. With today’s top, not only there is the double ruffle action, but also, the shorts inject a sense of energy to the whole look. Would it be office-appropriate? Well, if you’ve worn other shorts or mini skirts to work before, then these are acceptable.selfportrait-6selfportrait-1

To maximize the visual length of my legs, I chose these cape-toe slingback, they are super easy on the feet, too, ideal for all-day wear. If you want to wear this outfit in a more relaxed environment, I’d suggest pairing with one of the hottest slippers instead of sneakers for a polished yet totally chill look.selfportrait-4

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this post has given you some incentive to push the boundaries a bit style-wise. Let me know in the comments below what kind of outfit you’d like to see more of here on PFP. See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Storets striped blouse;
Self Portrait denim shorts <additional 30% off>;
Chanel slingback <budget version>;
Chloe bag other colors;
Dries Van Noten flower brooch <similar>;
Linda Farrow sunglasses;