Camel Warm :: Fashion DIY & NYFW

Hello, my friends!  By the time you are reading this post and enjoying your time off, I’ve packed and on my way up north. Some of you may know, there is something big that is happening right now in New York City. No, I am not talking about the snow storm of the century, although that would be something I have to deal with, I meant New York Fashion Week.

NYFW is one of the mecca for fashionistas in North America and around the world. Imagine Star Wars convention for fans, this is the equivalent for the fashion industry — designers, buyers, stylists, bloggers, editors, photographers, etc. Since I am practically a new-born in the world of fashion blogging, and this is the first big “local” fashion happening, I decided to invite myself to the mix, just to feel and breath fashion like all the others.

“What are you going to wear?!” “What are you going to wear?!” I hear little voices asking. I don’t know! Well, I haven’t settled. With the extreme low temperature and possibility of a few feet of snow, my biggest challenge will be stay warm and not slip while wearing stilettos. 😀 Today’s camel coat and felted hat are going in the city with me. For some, keep upper body warm = keep the whole body warm, and I am one of them. Will my strategy work? If you see me updating with outfits and pictures from NYFW the next few days, you know it worked for I did not submit to frost bites and pneumonia, hehe.IMG_3366 IMG_3369 IMG_3414 IMG_3439 IMG_3506 IMG_3511 IMG_3528

Thank you very much for reading. BTW, the hat was a remix. I took out all the stitches and wrapped it with a wide grosgrain ribbon, how do you like the new look?


:: Outfit ::

Camel Hair Coat:: Max Mara / Maneula (black version here);
Buckled Sweater ::  Ralph Lauren (old);
Silk Brocade Pants :: J Crew Collection (new season here);
Suede Pump :: Christian Louboutin / New Declic (similar here);
Accessories :: Hermes Web handbag; Portolano leather gloves;
Cheri Couture earrings / Tous sunglasses;


8 comments on “Camel Warm :: Fashion DIY & NYFW

  1. Danxuan

    That is beautiful. Can’t wait to see more from NYFW.

    1. petiteflower


  2. Tracy

    I like the new look for the hat, simple and elegant. Have a great weekend!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Tracy. The previous embroideries was just too busy, I am glad I made the change. 🙂

  3. Joyce Mung

    You are so beautiful!!!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, dear!

  4. 兔子

    酷look, 俺也有相识裤子 from Rochas

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you! I bet your Rochas is super cool, would love see your pairing. 🙂