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Happy New Year, my dear friends! Hope you had a great time celebrating the new year, we spent the night with friends, it was the best way. A new year means a new beginning, the time to reflect on the past year and make new year resolutions. One of the NYR I made last year this time, I failed miserably to keep. Instead making another set of NYR, I want to share with you a few of my top learnings from the past year, I believe by reflecting on them often, 2017 is going to be a great journey with positive outlooks. The featured look was photographed at La Selva nature’s reserve during my visit to Costa Rica last December, both the casual yet luxe outfit and closeness to nature make it a perfect fit for what I am about to share.

Passion is the fuel, persistence is the key.

Every successful person will say “just do what you love”, many don’t tell that love alone is not enough. Passion, practiced with a continuous effort eventually will amount to something.

Be yourself, but keep improving.

It happens a lot in the blogging world, girls copying others to gain popularity. In the long run, only the ones stay true to their own styles keep on growing. That have said, there is always room for improvements and updates. The ones do extremely well are the ones who constantly adapt to new trends and ideas.

Stay humble, be grateful.

“Throw kindness around like confetti”, one of the most frequently seen quotes on social media. I feel very blessed to have met so many kind and sweet people in the cyber space and in real life, sometimes, their sweet words make me feel that I can do no wrong but we know that is not true. Check back often and recognize what could be done better the next time, and thank people who have brought positive energy, will be a top priority.

Things can wait.

Later last year, I embarked on quite a few projects simultaneously and life turned even more hectic. You probably witnessed an aspect of it because I have slowed down on updating the blog significantly. Some of the projects are still work-in-progress and I don’t want to rush or overextend myself to just get them done. I want to give each project its due attention and do it right.

Small victories.

This entails to the previous one. A sage advice I got from a small business coach, instead of trying to do it all and get nothing done, get something done every day. So on the last day of winter vacation, maybe I wouldn’t be able to finish this blog post, sort out all my winter clothes, photography a new outfit, take my kids to haircut and dinner with MIL today, at least I can finish this post and get my kids haircut and dinner with grandma, small victories.

Indulge one day, discipline the whole week.

Most diet allow cheat days, the majority of the time, you have to exercise some discipline. I think that applies to just about everything we do in life, Even though I am not burned out, there are times I just don’t feel like to engage on social media, or exercise, or want to binge-watch a tv show, or eat cookies at 12am. As long as it happens less than a couple of times a week, I will allow myself and not stress about it. It like riding a bike, stop peddling once in a while the bikes goes on, stop peddling too often, the bike wobbles and eventually stops.

Lower the expectations, but keep up the effort.

When I find myself “cheat” too often, I take that as a sign of lowering expectations. I had to do that quite a lot of to my sleeping pattern, diet and exercise last year, but in 2017 I will keep trying to do it right and hope to get back on the bike sooner.

Quality over quantity.

That is why this is a list of eight instead of ten. ;D Jokes aside, I hope in 2017 I can continue to present more inspiring ideas to you instead of just trying to meet a quota.

Thank you so much for reading! Wish you a new year filled with joy and new learnings! See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Attico velvet wrap top <on sale, also here>;
Anine Bing lace bralette <worn underneath>;
Chloe pants with stripe <similar>;
Celine bag & shoes;
Dinosaur Designs necklace & earring;
Isabel Marant sunglasses;


2 comments on “Casual Luxe

  1. THE WɅNDΞRLISTE (@thewanderliste)

    You are such an inspiration Holly! Your style continues to inspire me, and your words of encouragement and motivation really speaks to me. One about retaining passion but also embrace consistent efforts, as well as staying authentic to self. I’m so excited to see amazing things come your way hun! Keep doing what you do because you are amazing! Much love 🙂 xo~ Lena

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Lena! I am so happy we met and your styles are just as inspiring to me!