Casual Celebration :: Eyelet Sweatshirt & High-Low Skirt

Hello, my friends! Are you one of us who don’t want the weekend to end? As the weather got warmer, I noticed people got a lot more active. Husband took the boys to their first baseball game of the season, the two of us also had a nice outing last night.

My neighbor and us went out to dinner then a movie. Yes, you heard it right, my neighbor and us had a double date. 🙂 It is not an ordinary film we watched, it was a documentary telling the tales of our town, and we, as did many other residents, were involved in the making of this film. After watching the film, I feel even more blessed and more assured than ever that we’ve picked the right place to call home. Community, as an essential part of the founder’s master plan, has stayed a core value of this town. The easy access to work and leisure, is just icing on the cake.

I couldn’t credit our choice of living here to myself, I wish I could. It was part of husband’s “master plan”. He has this ideal of how each part of our lives would fit together, and he makes great effort to make it a reality. People around him benefit from his dreams and efforts, me and the kids included, without a doubt. So, when I sat right next to him, watching the making of our town, I also thank the spirits who brought him to me. ^^

OK, enough of the touchy stuff and let’s talk about style! Nighttime in early spring can be chilly, I opted a sweatshirt with fancier, eyelet back and sleeves, paired with a high-low skirt that was actually cut out of an evening dress.IMG_8908 IMG_8919IMG_8981

Celebrate but don’t take it too seriously, isn’t that also a core value? I hope this outfit accomplishes that. ;DIMG_8958IMG_8990 IMG_8997IMG_9040

Thank you very much for reading! A new work week, maybe we will take look at the spring work attire next, until then! 🙂

:: Outfit ::

Eyelet Sweatshirt :: Karen Millen (similar here);
High-Low Dress :: Cynthia Rowley / altered (similar here);
Sandals :: Alexander McQueen  (similar here);
Accessories :: Alexander McQueen bag / De Menta; Ippolita earrings




6 comments on “Casual Celebration :: Eyelet Sweatshirt & High-Low Skirt

  1. brighting

    I love the Eyelet Sweatshirt you wear.. nice color (I never try this color b4) especially the collar part .. cute though; I checked the Canadian website and they don’t ship to Canada…too bad hah

    1. petiteflower

      This one is actually not on their website, you might want to check the stores if you have one in your city. 🙂

  2. SWQ

    Every Thanksgiving, my in-laws always prepared turkey dinner. M-in-L has some secret recipe baking a turkey, including picking the right turkey size, strict control of oven temperature & time, even pouring beer on turkey at some particular times during the process… The turkey usually ended up very tender and tasteful. However, I am yet a fan of turkey…

    Well, so weird, hah! I am not sure why all the sudden turkey came into my mind while reading your fashion blog… hehe… 😉

    Anyway, the “cut-out” still looks nice on you and it actually makes you look like about to take off… 🙂

    1. petiteflower

      SWQ, you never fail to impress with your vivid imagination! Did you go get a turkey sandwich after reading my post? 😀

  3. Melody Saw

    I like this outfit a lot.

    1. petiteflower

      Thanks, Melody!