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Back To The Block :: Window Pane Outfit & Block Accessories

Long time no see, my dear friends! Sometimes I feel I am not a very good blogger because I couldn’t manage to publish frequently, so I want to say “Thank you!” from the bottom of my heart to all of you, for you’ve stayed with me through the regular, and irregular publish times. ;D Now we are back home, my blog is also easy back to the normal publishing schedule.Monday coffee by a floral shop

Window pane has been a very popular pattern in recent seasons. Those little squares instantly become more chic when blown up 10 folds. The problem with window pane is, if the pattern is too condense, it would look too much like checkers and loose the chic factor; when the pattern is too wide-spread, its power of “hiding” body imperfection through visual distraction will be much discounted. IMHO, the perfect window pane size is, ehh, about 3″ x 3″, or, the size of an Instagram square.Chanel black camellia cuff

The utter simplicity of a window pane pattern makes it most attractive in solid somber colors such as black, gray, navy, and white. If I were to design a garment with the said pattern, I would be playful with shapes rather than color. My outfit today follows exactly this train of thought: boring colors with fun shapes.
Peplum top & bottomDouble peplum in action

In a way, both top and bottom of this outfit are of somewhat conventional design but the flare, loose-fit hem of both made them look more youthful. The top can be paired with boxy shorts or cropped pants (BTW, burmuda shorts is having a come-back and you heard it here first! ;), as well as tapered trousers. Skinnies and mini skirts? They are okay, kinda of too by-the-book though, unless they are of the same pattern, then they become editorial. (I did a post on how to play with patterns before, in case you want to read more on the subject.)back view of double peplumWith accessories, my focus is on shapes. The D-cube bag by Tod’s emphasizes the block shape while its color variation renders just the right amount of interest without being too distractive. A pair of white shoes completes the look. Can I pair with sneakers? Of course, the flatform version would be perfect, but I don’t have a pair, so I resorted to my favorite block heels this season.Color-blocked Cubist bag Tod's block-heel Mary Jane by Celine

How you like this look? Office-proofed? I’d go out coffee-grabbing, flower-sniffing in it, and make a few twirls because why not? Hope you have had a cheerful beginning of the week! Thank you so much for reading, see you in my next post!

Outfit Details

Kaelen top <similar & similar>;
Reformation skirt ;
Celine pumps ;
Tod’s D-Cube bag <solid color> ;
Chanel bangle & earrings;


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    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, love! This top has been sitting in my closet since April! Finally the right time and weather to wear it. 😀

    1. petiteflower

      Isn’t it a very relatable reference? 😀