Color Clash :: The Red, White & The Blue

Hi there! How is your week so far? It’s been warm recently, I can almost smell spring and see tulips sprouting! Have you heard of Ferdinand the bull? There are times I just want to be him and smell the flowers. 😀

We had quite a few moments similar to smelling flowers on the island. It has a pace of its own, just like most resort towns, the whole place is moving at island speed. We wake up late in the morning, going for a walk on the beach (husband) or browsing WeChat updates (me), or fussing about which show to watch on the iPad (kids). One morning I ventured out of the condo to this bakery called “Geppetto” that is adjacent to an ice cream shop named “Pinocchio” (yeah, they sure are family because these two shops share the same front door), to get a cup of coffee and fresh pastry. It is there I had my first French-pressed coffee out of a paper cup.

Frankly, I don’t really remember how the coffee tasted, but I was fascinated by this paper cup which you pressed a pin down the center then sip through a fine mesh, that is after you wait 5 minutes. My level of excitement equals the first time I discovered mixing tea and milk and sugar tasted delicious! I went back another time, just so I could sink into those big blue chairs outside and wait for 5 minutes to drink my coffee, I was totally smelling the flowers.IMG_2452 IMG_2469 IMG_2480 IMG_2503 IMG_2520IMG_2597

Thank you very much for reading! I am curious to know what is your slow-pace fun? Shouldn’t we remind ourselves to do more of those? See you in my next post!

:: Outfit ::

B&W Peplum Top :: CH Carolina Herrera (avail. in boutiques)
Cotton Chino ::  Y;
Smoking Slippers ::  Del Toro (on sale here);
Accessories :: Chanel bag & sunglasses;
Ruby Lip Pin (designed by Salvador Dali);
Hermes CDC cuff & bracelet; David Yurman hoop earrings;


10 comments on “Color Clash :: The Red, White & The Blue

  1. Tracy

    Love your story as always. Omg, love the way you have the lip pin and smoking lip on your shoes!! Thanks for giving me a beautiful break in a hectic day. xo

    1. petiteflower

      Welcome, Tracy! I bought this lip pin during my Dali museum visit, who knew he designed jewelry and this pin, way before Lanvin! Glad that you noticed the red lips, both are kind of ironic. ^^

  2. Wenyun He

    The Smoking Slippers are so cute!! !

    1. petiteflower

      Although I don’t smoke and I don’t like people smoke, these slippers are too cute to miss!

      1. Wenyun He


        1. petiteflower


  3. Mengyan72

    The slippers are so cute! Black and red, I like this color combination too. It seems easier to copy this time.:))

    1. petiteflower

      You can never go wrong with black, white, red and blue, in any combination. 🙂

  4. leitrend

    Enjoy reading your postings and photos when got time like today for relax. You have styles and tastes!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, dear!