Concept Shopping :: Cropped Peacoat & Embroidered Mini

Happy Monday, dear friends! This was a few weeks ago, right after fashion week, I went back to New York City to hangout with a few Instagram friends, a.k.a. Insta-meet.

The most popular things on Instagram, contrast to many’s believe, is food and pets. I think it is therapeutic to zoom and focus on something simple and yummy, such as a cup of latte art, a delicious donut, or color macarons. Yes, you bet there was not a single day went by, I didn’t see a few shots of macarons. When the world we are dealing with is complicated and often unpleasant, how nice it is to see some 2″x2″ pure awesomeness?igers meet collage

We cafe-hopped in the village, taking pictures of our drinks, our food and each other, in the shops, in the snow. Towards the end of the day, the girls proposed to go to an apartment in SoHo. It turned out my imagination had taken me the other way — the “apartment” was actually a concept store, with all merchandise set up as if they are items in an apartment. I fell instant in love with this space, no wonder the girls insisted on going. You can see some pictures of the place on its official website and here on 4-2 photo-4

The best part of the Apartment to me, is not its decor or the well-curated merchandise, but how welcoming this place is. While the super friendly staff was processing my purchase (on her laptop on a farmhouse dinning table, btw, instead of traditional counter), I was about to cruise around and continue to browse and take more pictures with my friends. We were not the least bit rushed. There were freshly baked mini croissants and selection of tea on the table, I was wondering if they were for guests to enjoy. 😀

I remember seeing some other stores with similar concept, but Apartment On The Line is by far the most impressive. While I am reminiscent about my visit, here is the “souvenir” I got — a cropped oversized peacoat that shares some characters of a biker jacket. The label is Atea Oceanie, an emerging French minimalist clothing line that is chic, functional and very affordable. After fashion week, I feel there are so many indie labels and designers who are super talented but much less appreciated by the community, or even known to the general public. I hope I will be able to see more of them, wear more of them and share more of them with you, one piece at a time. ^^Petiteflowerpresents Atea Oceanie-12 Petiteflowerpresents Atea Oceanie-10Petiteflowerpresents Atea Oceanie-6 Petiteflowerpresents Atea Oceanie-17 Petiteflowerpresents Atea Oceanie-19 Petiteflowerpresents Atea Oceanie-21Petiteflowerpresents Atea Oceanie-23

Thank you so much for reading! Until my next post!

(Atea Oceanie coat; Reformation turtleneck; Organic by John Patrick sweater; Needle & Thread skirt <similar>; Saint Laurent boots<similar>; Chanel bag; Dior sunglasses;)


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      Thank you, Carrie! It’s frustrating sometimes that is all people (me included) have patience for, but that is how the world roll these days.