Tavel in Vyshyvanka

Hello, my dear friends! Another week into December, I couldn’t believe 2016 is almost over! Every each, I try to visit a few places I haven’t been, and this year they are Las Vegas, Vancouver, Alaska and Costa Rica where I spent most of last week visiting.

First time in San Jose, the city reminds me of the town I grew up in, a blend of old and new, streets lined with shops, busy indoor market with narrow allies, and the locals are all hanging out around the eateries. Besides the tropical plants, this city also has lots of Spanish culture influences like religion and architecture, which you can see from some of the pictures.foberini-3 foberini-1 foberini-6

What impressed me the most, was what our friend told me that San Jose has a well-equiped hospital, in the center of the city that is open to all children under certain age and it is free. “So if my kids were with me and God-forbid something happened to them, they need medical care, I can bring them here and get care for free?” I asked. “Yes” our friend replied. “What if kids around the world all come to San Jose just for free treatment?” “Then we will have to keep our promises, we already have kids (from surrounding countries) come (for the care)” For a country that doesn’t have a huge economy to make this kind of commitment, I am super impressed.foberini-4

Back to fashion, before my visit, I had this all-inclusive beach resort in mind and thought a vyshyvanka would be perfect for blue skies and sandy beaches. It turned out that I would be spending all the days inland, so I ended up being this Asian girl wearing a traditional Ukraine dress walking on the streets of Central America. It was exotic in its own way. The best part was, while in the market, an abuelita walked up to me and said a bunch of words I didn’t know except one, “elegancia”. I knew it was the dress that spoke to her. Just love that fashion, just like other forms of art, has no boarders.foberini-8 foberini-9 foberini-11 5s6a9059

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post!

Outfit details:

Foberini dress <great selections & prices>;
Celine shoes;
Munn basket bag;
Lack of Colour hat;
Gucci earrings & ring;
Isabel Marant sunglasses;