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Hello, my dear friends! Hope you’ve been having a great week and enjoy the last few weeks of summer! Every year when summer is over, I see a little more signs of aging on my face probably because of lots of sun exposure. It is more obvious after I turned 40 (hehe, yes, that is a fact), things like dark spots, enlarged pores, fine wrinkles, dryness, etc. Even thought we can’t reverse time entirely, there is always new technology or discoveries out there to help us slowing down the pace of nature. In today’s post, I want to share with you a recent skin care discovery of mine – the use of probiotic.

The health benefit of probiotic is probably not foreign at all, I personally have been take probiotic for over two years now to help regulate my digestive system and reduce bloating. Even though I had been exposed to the concept of microbiome way before, I never really thought much about its benefit on skin until I got my hands on the new beauty line Tula developed by a gastroenterologist. The main ingredient of all Tula products is probiotic cultures, they do just the same thing for skin as they would to our digestive system – regulate and strength with good bacteria. One of my uncles is an expert in microbiome, I remember he developed similar skin care to help patients with rosacea to reduce skin redness and inflammation. Although I don’t have that particular skin problem, I expect to see improvement in my overall skin tone and firmness.

This is what my observation after 30 days of using exclusively Tula skin care:

My Routine

Tula products are for all skin types and suggested for both day and night, that is what I did. I wash my face with the Purifying Cleanser, then apply the Glycollic Resurfacing Gel with a cotton pad followed by Illuminating Serum and finish with Hydrating Cream

My Observation

The scent of each product is very subtle and pleasant. The purifying cleanser reminds me of a clean soap, although it doesn’t leave my skin dry at all. The glycollic gel has no smell, the first few days of using it, I felt a little sting but by now it has has subsided. My favorite is the smell of the illuminating serum, it has the gentle smell of a bouquet of fresh rose. When I apply the illuminating serum on top of the glycollic gel, the warming sensation gets stronger, but after I apply the hydrating cream, all is calm again.

The combination of all four products leave my skin soft and radiant each time I use them, I do see better water retention and reduced oiliness around my t-zone. Overall, my skin is more radiant but I don’t see any improvements on pore sizes nor lightning of dark spots.

My Recommendation

petiteflowerpresents tula skin care

Tula (means “balance” in Sanscrit) does what the name suggests — help skin to achieve better balance hence appear healthier and more defensive against the elements. Based on my personal experience, I’d recommend Tula as an all around skin care base system, with additional help on problem areas such high pigmentation.

My favorite ones of all four is the cleanser and the illuminating serum, which I plan to continue to use as part my day time routine. For night time, I will switch to a serum that will target more at dark spots. If you have very dry skin like me, the hydrating cream might not be enough for colder months.

The New Line

As I was testing out Tula, I also got their new Kefir collection. The cleaning oil was very effective in cleaning but it did leave my skin feel drier than the purifying cleanser. The moisture repair pressed serum, however, is very moisturizeing but not greasy despite the paste form. It felt almost too heavy for summer time, so I am saving it for fall and winter, it would the perfect moisturizer then.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this review help give you some new anti-aging skin care ideas. It is always fun to try new things! Check out Tula’s official site to learn more about the ingredients and benefits of each. See you in my next post!

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    1. petiteflower

      I’ve been using this line for over 5 weeks now, really happy with the result. As a combination with the double serum, my skin is in the best condition I could hope for. 🙂

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