Duel Character :: Denim Two-Ways & Sushi Cake

Hello, my friends! Another Monday, another week! With the passing of each week, I feel we are one step closer to spring, even though we just had another snow storm and it is COLD outside! My strategy dealing with the elements is quite simple — stay inside as much as possible. 😀

The day before yesterday, we went out for our Valentine’s dinner. My left hand was debating with my right hand on what to wear:
L: You’ve been together for so long, dress warm!
R: But it is Valentine’s dinner, special!
L: Humm, put on some makeup then, but definitely wear pants.
R: Men like women in dresses!
L: That is true, how about a leather skirt?
R: No body-cliching, strapless, mini dress?!
L: Fine, I will add some bling…that is it, no more!
As a result, I headed out in this denim + leather ensemble, with layered crystal necklaces noting the special occasion. Let me tell you, it was so cold that my legs went numb within the first ten minutes standing outside, which should explain the lack of many photos of this outfit, hehe.
IMG_4561 IMG_4568 IMG_4574 IMG_4588

The next day, I felt I need to attempt the denim look one more time but I got smarter, no skirts! I paired the same shirt with distressed jeans, combat boots and a double-breasted blazer. Compare to the night before, this ensemble was (significantly) warmer and more masculine, which one do you like better?
IMG_4640 IMG_4661 IMG_4681

:: Outfit Femme ::

Bejeweled Chambray Shirt :: J Crew (last seen here)
Pleated Leatherette Skirt: BCBGMaxazria (similar here);
Wool Single Button Coat::  Stella McCartney (old)
Calf Hair Pump::  Fendi ( b&w ones here);
Accessories :: McQ Chain Belt; Chanel bag;
Niquea. D Crystal Collar Necklaces

:: Outfit Homme ::

Bejeweled Chambray Shirt :: J Crew (last seen here)
Distressed Paint-splattered Jeans: R13 ( here);
Double-brested Blazer ::  Studio Nicholson (last see here)
Combat Boots::  Chanel;
Accessories :: Chanel bag; Ippolita necklace;
Mirlo necklace;

In case you are curious what I was holding in my right hand in the pictures above, it was a chirashi sushi cake. It is one of my signature party dishes if I have enough time. People are always impressed by the presentation, and by switching raw fish out to smoked salmon, it is also kid-friendly. Here are some photos of the ingredients and steps I used to make this sushi cake, detailed step-by-step instructions can be found here (Chinese) and here (English).

sushi cake prepsushi cake 2IMG_4610 IMG_4613


10 comments on “Duel Character :: Denim Two-Ways & Sushi Cake

  1. danxuan

    wow. all are beautiful.

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Danxuan! I guess each have its own merit. 🙂

  2. Malin Mueller

    Love both outfits but the leather skirt really stands out! Great!
    Also I’m super impressed of this accurate sushi cake – crazy!

    I’d love if you come by and visit my blog as well

    1. petiteflower

      Welcome, Malin! This leather skirt is a lot of fun, I saw someone paired it with a fur coat, super stylish!

      Thank you for inviting me to your blog, I would love to visit! 🙂

    1. petiteflower

      Welcome and thank you, Nico!

  3. Amei

    I like your night shots above. You are so smart at everything. The sushi cake is so pretty. I will definitely try it when get chance.

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Amei! I wish it was not so cold that night, so I could try to take some photos without the coat, but the cold beat us. 🙁

      I am positive that you will make an even prettier sushi cake.

  4. fabbylife

    Love your leather skirt! Very smart idea to put this skirt together with a denim shirt!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Alexa! Would love to see like-kind pairing on you! 🙂