Evolving Style :: Printed Clutch & Mixing Texture

Hello peoples! Hope you had a nice weekend. It’s been a party-hopping one for us, hence the delay in my posting.

Yesterday, I went to a beauty presentation hosted by a friend, who is a mother of three young kids, has just begun working as a beauty consultant merely six months ago but already built a team over ten! What I admire the most about her, is not her accomplishment so far, but her courage to take on a brand new venture and determination to succeed, at the age most people become complacent of their lives paths and everyday routines. Taking on this blog and some other initiatives, is my way of redefine and reinvention, I guess. Sometimes, we just need that little kick in the rear end to start the next chapter. ;D

One of the biggest challenges I am facing thus far with this blog, besides time management, is how to break through old habits and explore the new and exciting. Over the course of this winter, you will witness my style evolution. Please, please, do not hesitate to provide feedbacks on the style choices I make, via comments or emails. I’d love to know if my choices are exciting after all.

Even though prints nowadays are hot and hotter, I’ve been avoiding them like plague for I don’t feel very comfortable manipulating them. When I saw this clutch, the stain glass effect and richness in color and pattern, however, grew on me. It naturally became my first choice of a series of style changes. Still, I’m playing it on the safer side, pairing with solid, classic color combo of black and red. Bear with me, my friends, change will come, gradually. 🙂




Thank you very much for reading! Until my next post!

:: Outfit ::

Jacket:: McQ by Alexander McQueen (current season one here)
Silk Ruffled Shirt:: Alice + Olivia ( white version here)
Leather Pants:: R13 (similar here and here)
Pump :: Christian Louboutin Decoltisimo
Printed Clutch :: Alexander McQueen De Manta (here and here)
Earrings :: Ippolita (here)




10 comments on “Evolving Style :: Printed Clutch & Mixing Texture

  1. samba


    1. Petiteflower

      Thanks! Let’s hope so, actually husband took some of the close-ups this time 🙂

  2. We He

    I am so in love with the Jacket. great outfit!

    1. Petiteflower

      Thank you, dear! I will play with a more subtle color combo next time. ^^

  3. Susan Zong

    I am looking forward to seeing your style evolution. So exciting to know the new side of you. Great job!

    1. Petiteflower

      Thank you! I hope I won’t disappoint. 🙂

  4. 弹指一瞬间

    Falling in love with your black jacket, wanna more information! Happy Fashion~~~

    1. Petiteflower

      I’m glad that you like the jacket. It is from last fall, other labels make similar pieces.

  5. MuMu

    Love the jacket. I’ve been looking for a jacket like this .The current season one is not long enough.

    1. Petiteflower

      McQ has another jacket with similar cut but in gray plaid fabric, I am not sure that is something you’d like to check out?