Accidentally Parisian :: Market, Cafe & Gallery

Hello, my friends! Hope you are having a great weekend! Exactly a week ago, we got back from a two-week long trip to Europe. The trip was fun, but felt overall rushed. It was hard not to want to show my boy all the things I know about these places, even though I had promised myself prior to departure to go with the flow. It was by accident that we had to slow down and spend a couple of days like the true Parisian.5S6A7954

One of the mornings we planned to visit this famous street market near by, we didn’t expect the market to be half asleep at 9 AM, however. Sitting in a busy cafe with the locals, waiting for our only waiter to bring around our breakfast, we had no choice but slow down and observe the morning commute. It was delightful. We saw neighbors greeting each other while walking their dogs or taking kids to school, we also saw people hurried to work, and other tourists awaiting for the market to open.5S6A7584

By then time we finished our breakfast, it was well pass 10 and I decided to scratch the shopping plan that morning but spend a bit more time the market instead. We got fresh berries and yesterday’s roses (they did last until we left though) and walked back. My son played the iPad as I cared for the flowers, worked on the blog, then getting ready for lunch with a friend.5S6A7620



We were a bit late to lunch, then lunch took much longer and we missed the rest of our gang at Musee de l’Orangerie…things didn’t happen as planned but that was okay. We walked alone Rue Rivoli, found the oldest English bookstore, got some hot chocolate mix to take home.5S6A7646 5S6A7640 5S6A7649


The second time we had to slow down was all due to my oversight — I misread our flight time and went to the airport a day early. The upside of this mistake was, of course, one extra day in Paris. we spent this extra 24 hours enjoying what Paris attracts us the most: arts & gastronomy. No rushing through a museum or tourist site, trying to see one more master painting or climb another must-see heights, just browse as we go, stop and listen to street artist performing, slowly sip cafe latte (hot chocolate in his case). It was like a normal weekend day we’d have back at home. Compared to the hurry and stress the day before, it was much more relaxed.5S6A7631






Unlike my usual posts, today is more about sharing a personal experience and observation. These two accidental slow days changed my view towards travel. For future trips, I want to take each day with easy, the end goal is to enjoy each day not seeing everything. Thank you for reading! See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

at the market
Art Department hi-low sweater;
Vince tank;
Kim Schalk pants;
Chloe bag;
Chanel slingback pumps;
Dior sunglasses;

at the book store
Anna October top;
Kim Schalk pants;
Loewe bag;
Chloe sandals;
Dior sungalsses;

at the cafe
All Saints suede biker jacket;
J Crew striped shirt;
Levis jeans;
Gucci sneakers;
Chloe bag;
Linda Farrow sunglasses;