Stir It up

Hello, my friends! How was your Memorial Day weekend? Fashion is forever a spiral, things always come back in fashion but elevated. If you are similar to my age, you might have remember these stir-up leggings back in the early 90’s. Even in the then fashion-blind-folded mainland China, almost every girl had on this black stir-up leggings that supposed to flatter but really not if you don’t have pencil straight and stick-thin stems. I fought it with my all mighty, never worn them. Even when Prada got the whole fashion world to like stir-up pants again, I stayed away, they brought back some pretty awful sartorial memories. 😀

Really, who can dodge the spell of Demna Gvasalia? It was liberating to see those neon-colored boot pants on the runway, I’ve been wanting to try it out since. Paying an arm & leg for a micro-trend, however, is never in my style practice so I put down the boot pants and leggings at the Balenciaga counter in Selfridges. When Zara put out a pair in hot pink and less than $50, I have no excuse but to give it a shot.

These pink leggings are as loud as one can imagine. I figure there could be two ways to tackle it: go mute or go louder. I went mute with the color, pairing with only black and white.

My white top is actually a shirt dress, the exaggerated sleeve design elevates the whole look to a forward statement rather than everyday casual style. With that train of thought, I tried out a runway-inspired dramatic eye makeup with this look, how do you like it? I will share the tutorial in my next post. It is actually much easier than it looks.

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Jacquemus shirtdress <40% off>;
Zara leggings;
Dior slingbacks;
J.W. Anderson bag <other colors here>;
Louis Vuitton earring;
Loewe sunglasses;


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    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Carrie! So glad you like this look, I know it is not for everyone. 🙂