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Hello, my friends! It is Mother’s Day this Sunday, are you going to celebrate? Grew up in China, we didn’t have Mother’s Day back then, it is part of the western culture I merged into after I became a mother myself. For today’s post, I am going to show you an outfit that is inspired by a recent insight of me of motherhood.

It happened when I was practicing taking shoefie one evening (yes, they don’t come natural for me and take lots of practices to get them right), my little one was playing around while waiting for me to brush his teeth before bedtime. I was so vested in my practice that eventually, he fell alseep with his head on my lap. I felt guilty that his needs came after my needs this time, which was very un-motherly (any mama out there would know what I am talking about). I also felt blessed that my child was patient and understanding, he let me got away for not brushing his teeth that night.

As a blogger mom, my struggle with resources (mainly time) is just the same as all working moms, between work and kids, who comes first?pinkdior-9 pinkdior-8

This outfit I am wearing, is an embodiment of my philosophy as a working mom. The vest coat is feminine but also structured, with it the whole look is more polished. Just like my blogger career, I am more complete with it but it also come off first when I am home.pinkdior-12

My top underneath is fun and whimsical with the ruffled sleeves, my pants are denim with raw hem, kind of rugged and carefree, that is how I want to be as a mother and a partner, creative, fun and a bit of undone.pinkdior-3 pinkdior-4 pinkdior-5

…and the shoes and bag are accessories, things you want to go big if you can afford but can also live without.

When everything comes off, we are at our natural being, with all the goods and flaws we are born with. This is our core as a human being. Without a good being, nothing will look great no matter how fancy they are. So as they often say a woman has to take care of herself first before she can take care of others. I am a strong advocate of that. It is not about we should always satisfy our own needs before others, but more like while most of our time and energy will be devoted to family and work priorities, there should a small portion carved out just for keep our being look good.pinkdior-14

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and would love to hear your thoughts about motherhood and being a woman in general. See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Dior vest coat;
Ellery ruffled sleeve top <budget version>;
3×1 Denim jeans <also here>;
Dolce & Gabbana pumps <similar>;
Fendi micro bag <also here & here>;
Chanel sunglasses;
Charlotte Chesnais earrings;




5 comments on “Fashion Mom :: Ruffles, Pleats & Fringes

  1. mhyg12

    Hello Holly!t I am a sporadic regular on your blog ;-). I know I will find a strong fashion inspiration here!. It never proves wrong. You interprete fashion with style and this inner elegance which makes you stand out on the fashion blogs’ scene. I love your Instagram feed too!
    I really like this look, you combine some of the major trends of this season to perfection: ruffles, frayed denim and the vest coat in pastel hues. Bravo!! Actually, I own both a ruffle shirt and frayed jeans and was not sure how to pull them off together!!! Now I know!!
    About your philosophy, I share the same approach. To be a priority in order to be 100 % present in our own lives and for our loved ones.
    xo Mireille aka fashionaltitude1

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you Mireille for stopping by and leaving such nice comments. I am so glad we met through IG and appreciate each other’s thoughts and styles!

  2. Beatrice

    Hi there Holly! I truly appreciate your style!! You inspire me everytime. And your taste……. Wowww!! I’m your follower and I love your IG account toooooooooo much! Sometimes I reposted your pics!!!! ( @fashioninmyeyes) It’s very difficult to explain what I think about (I’m Italian) but the most important thing I can tell you is: Love your look!!!!!❤️ I’m not a Mom, but I think you’re the best example for everyone how to concile motherhood and job.Beatrice @ fashioninmyeyes

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you Beatrice, that is such a sweet comment! I appreciate that my looks are inspiring to you, and I hope to continue to present good ideas. 🙂