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Hello, my dear friends! Happy Labor Day weekend! After the holiday, many people mentally switch to fall mode, how about you? Part of my beginning of season routine is draft a must-have list, then map out where to get, the prices, followed by bookmarking the links, gradually purchase (or scratch off) as the season goes by. This exercise helps me stay focused on getting the things I truly want, spend where it matters. Of course, there will be amendments and the occasional impulse buy, but most of the time, I stay on track.

To make a wish-list that one can stick to, doing some research is a must. Browse fashion magazines, read newspaper, check out some editorial websites to get a feel of what are the new trends: color, material, shape, style, etc. During the process, you might see items you like, take notes. Narrow down to 2-3 items in each of the trend (yes, there are quite a few trends each season) that you think will fit your overall aesthetics. Be true to yourself, pick the color you like and shape that compliments your body.

Once the items have been identified, prioritize them. It would be nice that we can buy everything on our wish lists, unfortunately, that is usually not the reality for most. So put the things you want the most first, especially classic, investment pieces. On a CPW-basis, those will likely to bring you the best value. A lot enough fund to those items, then work your way down the rest of the list.

For trendy items that you will wear often, such as those busted-knee jeans that everyone seems to wear every day, get the style you like the most. Otherwise, get more economical alternatives from GAP, Zara and the like so you have that option without breaking the bank. Same practice apply to others, including trendy jewelry.

Finally, is the question of when? Well, there is a strategy! 🙂 Most department stores will have early in the season gift card promotions, like Saks, BG and Neiman just had theirs. This is when you pick up investment pieces (probably not certain bags and shoes, which normally are excluded from these kind of deals) and use the gift cards for later. I normally don’t jump on every promotion, only the ones equal to 20 or 30 percent off, considering those gift cards can only be used at the same store, your actual discount on full-priced items are 20% less than the original gift value. Say, spending $1,000 and get $300, you are practically spending $1,000 to get something worth $1,300, so your true cost is roughly 77% of the merchandise value, hence 23% discount, or 20% less than the 30% in the promo.

Hope I haven’t lost you. ;D Before I started blogging, I buy most of my wish list items during sale time, usually after Thanksgiving for Fall/Winter, and after Memorial Day for Spring/Summer. A lot of popular items would be gone as soon as the first round of sale starts, so bookmark things you like is essential. Usually, at the end of the sale season, when things are discounted up to 70% off, I could always find some off-beat items. Chances are, some fashionistas over-shopped and now returning things. If you missed your favorite items earlier, this is your second chance. 🙂

Now, we are just begin to think about fall. Quite a few stores are offering storewide discounts (up to 20%) and/or additional discount on sale items. As part of our topic & exercise today, I picked a few fall trends (I like) and online retail shops where you can get them, it is your turn to put theory into practice. Have fun planning & shopping!

My Pick of Fall / Winter Trends

Something chunky: chunky knits, chunky heels. Zara has an excellent collection of knits, so is La Garconne, and The Dreslyn (15% off site wide using code “WHITE”). The last two offer better fabric (100% wool, cashmere), the prices are generally higher as well.5S6A1680

Something fluffy: one word – fur. Shearling is everywhere, faux fur is everywhere. I picked up a faux fur sweatshirt (the brown one in the middle), you can also check out 10 Crosby Derek Lam and Milly for some cool designs.5S6A16665S6A1697

Something gray: there are over 50 shades of gray, perfect for winter layers. 😉 Also monochrome look is a great opportunity for mixing textures, as shown in the pictures below. (Etoile Isabel Marant coat, NAP sweatshirt, McQ pants)5S6A1709

Something boyish: at least half of the fashioned has gone “manly”. The wear man’s hat, man’s shirt, man’s coat, and of course, man’s shoes. The male touch in a female look makes it oh-so-much more stylish! After seeing so many girls dressed sharply in man’s wear, I decided it was time to jump on the wagon and bought these leather loafers and a black hat. If you are not quite sure the boyish look is for you, test it with these alternatives from Van’s, Adidas and Lofeffler Randall (15% off site wide until 9/7 with code “LABORDAY”). Oh, did I mention when you wear an all-black outfit, an bold animal print accessory such as handbag, scarf or shoes, will transform it to total chicness. Try it, will you?5S6A1736

Thank you so much for reading! Please let me know your thoughts on this type of subject, more posts or less? See you in the next post!


4 comments on “Fashionomics :: Plan & Shop

  1. 美美

    谢谢你的博文,让我受益匪浅。我很爱买衣服,我妈常说我的工资全部送给服装店了,但是,我真的没有什么investment pieces,我以前总觉得时髦漂亮最重要,一个牌子不值这么多钱。但是,年过三十的我,觉得应该让自己的衣柜也少而精一点。我现在想买一个上班包包和一件羊绒大衣,单价都在1000刀左右(不好意思,我还是没有适应化几千上万在投资investment pieces,最主要荷包也吃不消),你能不能给我一些建议呢?非常谢谢你。羡慕嫉妒你有这么多美丽的东东,小声问下,是你自己挣的还是老公找得好呢?哈哈,好奇中。谢谢!

    1. petiteflower

      美美, thanks for the comment. In my case, I guess I got lucky that my husband can support my sartorial “addiction”. 😀 That have been said, with the income I had in my previous job, a few investment pieces could still be managed. The key is, save up and use for the most important things.

      If your goal right now is to purchase a good handbag and a cashmere coat, I would suggest you get a bag of simple design and good reputation that is around $2K. It might sound too much but I guarantee you will appreciate it over time. A few brands to consider for everyday totes: Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Gucci, LV, Balenciaga. Get it when the department stores have some kind of promotions or from a tax-free web store. Get it in a color that will go with most of your clothes. There are a few European websites selling them at a lower price than the US, so do some research before you buy.

      As to the coat, you can wait until end of season. There are always some excellent coats left at the end and you can snatch one up for less than 50% of the original price. I got my Max Mara cashmere coats that way, both costed me less than $1,500.

      For things you will use often and for a long time, don’t rush and spend for the quality.

      I hope this helps! 🙂

      1. 美美


        1. petiteflower

          You are very welcome! And the same to you!