girl boss style, man's style shirt with silk slip dress

Girl Boss :: Oversize Shirt & Lace Slip

Hello, my dear friends! Let’s do a count of hands, how many of you don’t have a strict suit-n-tie business dress code any more?…Yeah, that is what I thought. The fashion climate in offices today has definitely taken a big turn towards casual than business casual, given all the technology that allows us to work remotely. So do we really work in our pajamas now? That’s a good thought, probably won’t execute too well outside one’s home, though. Today, I am challenging myself (and you, too) with an outfit that is casual, chic, feminine yet still office-friendly. Ready?

TA-DA! It is an oversized, man’s style cotton shirt over a lace-trimmed silk slip dress (yes, it is a dress, worn here before)! In this case, the shirt functioned as a super light-weight blazer, provides not only additional coverage but warmth in air-conditioned environment. For the shirt is oversized, I chose to belt it with a extra-wide belt for waist definition, as well as an extra sense of pull-togetherness. Sometimes, we just need a little bit of that to get through the day and get thing done. 🙂PetiteFlowerPresents-button-down-shirt-and-lace-slip

With the shirt and lace being plenty showy, accessories were to stay simple, minimalist jewels and understated bag, etc. I was attempted to add a necklace but I gave up, the focus should be on the belt and lace.PetiteFlowerPresents-thepeachbox-earringPetiteFlowerPresents-Chanel-summer-clutch

Couldn’t help but have a little bit fun with the shoes, though, for 1) it echoes the pattern of the shirt; and 2) it is so girl boss! Even when the whole outfit is plain, it is always okay to add some kick with fun heels, animal print, exotic skin, studs, or unique heels. These pumps are all about business in the front and party at the back. It is a secret between you and the outfit. By the time someone notices, you’ve already spinned on the heel and walked away.5S6A0913PetiteFlowerPresents-ovesized-shirt-with-lace-slip-side

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Dries Van Noten shirt <similar, on sale>;
Haute Hippie slip dress <similar, on sale>;
Fendi pumps;
Acne Studios belt <on sale>;
Chanel bag;
Oliver Peoples sunglasses;
The Peachbox earrings tpb-petiteflowerpresents” for 15% off>;



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