HK Impression :: Ruffled Top & Pencil Skirt

Hello, my friends! When we got to our hotel in Hong Kong, I felt as though I was air-dropped in the set of “Lost In Translation”! By now, we’ve spent a full three weeks in China, traveling from north to south, thought we’ve seen it all, but Hong Kong is different. It gives this mixed feeling of both familiar and foreign, very alluring.

Out hotel is located in the heart of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong’s equivalent of Time Square. The area is filled with all sorts stores, markets, restaurants, entertainments, and people. Locals and visitors tend to gather here for various events. During our 3-day stay, we saw a protest, a film-shooting and a parade, all happened on the same street. Our lens has a very narrow view, I only hope these pictures could provide a glimpse of the essence of Causeway Bay.5S6A79335S6A7924 5S6A79055S6A7915 5S6A7988

Some of you might have noticed that in my China posts, the sky seemed to dimmer. I could partially blame it on the haze, the truth is, wherever we went, we brought rain with us. First Beijing, then Nanchang, then…my brother started to joke about us being the new “Rain Gods”.  Could it be true in Hong Kong, for the sky was blue and sun was bright when we first arrived? In the mid-set of our photo shoot, it poured so hard, we had to run inside a shopping center to finish our shoot there. ;D5S6A7995 5S6A79395S6A8023 5S6A80075S6A8089

One little extra note about shopping in Hong Kong —  the shop girls offered me different discounts on different items at different times, it was quite confusing even though language was not a barrier. It is advisable to get all the facts before sign the bill. 😉

Thank you so much for reading! It is good to be home! See you!

:: Outfit ::

Ruffled Top :: One by Viva Aviva (here);
Satin Skirt :: D&G (love this & this);
Ankle Wrap Sandals :: Gianvito Rossi (here);
Accessories: Sara Battaglia bag / Anita;
Ippolita necklace;


10 comments on “HK Impression :: Ruffled Top & Pencil Skirt

  1. brighting

    wow. when I read this post, the only word came to my mind is ” beautiful”!!! Gorgeous, sexy and elegant!!
    The background ‘max mara” , ppl beside you stared at you when you were walking?

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, brighting, you are too kind with your words! Yes, at the beginning no one paid attention, but after a few walking back-n-forth, they started to stare. 😀

  2. Joyce Mung


    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Joyce! You know it was all because I acted “strange” . ;D

  3. Coco


    1. petiteflower

      Hi Coco! It is true, people were staring because that was the Nth time I crossed the same intersection. 😀 I also noticed that there were not many well-dressed people on the street, or subway, for that matter, quite contrary to the impression I got from watching HK movies. My guess is that they are all “hiding” in exclusive clubs, parties, pubs, etc.

  4. Linna

    Love this outfit! Love the top, thinking of maybe getting one. 🙂

    1. petiteflower

      You definitely should, Linna! It is now a must-have design from this designer, she began to make it in many fabrics including chambray. 🙂

  5. Amei

    You even went HK. What a trip! You look gorgeous! I won’t blame those people who starring you on street, I would do the same thing if I saw you on street,

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Amei. We really stretched ourselves this time, it was fun and hectic at the same time. 😀