Girlfriend’s Guide to Holiday Gifts For The Fashionista

Hello, my friends! Now that Black Friday is over, the real shopping begins! ;D I meant it is time to shop for holiday gifts for friends and family, the ones that would take a few moments to think over. From niece to girlfriends, I have many fashionistas on my list to shop for, what would be the perfect gift to give without worrying (too much) about whether it is a suitable one, if it will be useful, and/or if it is the right value? As I am going through the process of finding them, I want to share with you in case you are wondering the same.

Unless you know exact what the receiver like, these gifts have to somewhat free of personal preference, my favorite categories to explore for such gifts are accessories and beauty products. Here are my top gifts to give to (any) fashionista:

Something Shiny5S6A2061

Fashion jewelry is always popular among the ladies, none-designers ones are both trendy and budget-friendly. Trending now are dainty and stackable ones with fine details, tassels, knots, and gold/rose gold.
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Something Chunky5S6A2808

Scarves and hats are the kind of accessories that the more, the merrier. A chunky knit scarf / hat has the appearance and function of extra warmth, and a strong sense of earthy and carefree, it is definitely a minimalist pleaser and quite the chic thing to have. If you know the basic of knitting, pick up some chunky yarn and needles, your gift will be extra special.
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Something Furry5S6A1233

The touch and warmth of fur is super pleasant, anything fur makes a good gift. Of course, they don’t have to be real fur, faux fur these days are so well made, it is hard to tell the difference. Furry accessories, including bag charms, neck warmers, stoles, and pom pom hats, will guarantee some joyful cooing.
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Something Zippypetiteflowerpresents-fendi-pouch

Have been experimenting with all sorts of handbag styles, I realize how versatile and handy a zipped pouch could be. Just big enough to hold the essentials, flat enough to tuck underneath the arm and fun enough to carry independently. They make beautiful gifts, splurge a little for that special someone on this, she will use it all the time. I’ve picked a few from some top designers as well as from high-street brands, most are on sale, make sure you check the websites for the current prices and promotions.
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Something Techie5S6A2793

Nowadays, our phones have become extension of ourselves, it is natural to “dress up” our phones as part of a fashion statement. Just when my original earphone broke, I saw Sudio Sweden‘s modern design on Instagram and was immediately attract to it. The package came beautifully wrapped and ready to be gifted, I like especially the flat wire and genuine leather carrying case, which makes storage a breathe. The buttons operate just like my old set, very intuitive. After contacting Sudio, they gracefully offer a 15% discount code “petiteflower for readers of my blog, so make sure you use it when placing order.

Another tech related gift I love is cell phone covers. Recently found out about Chastify, it has a vast collection of designs and I am obsessed! Currently, there is a 20% off Cyber Monday deal that you can purchase a voucher of a cover and choose or customize the design later, at $32/piece after discount, this is so perfect for a gift to a friend! They also have customizable iPad and iBook covers, totally awesome! Here a few sample designs I adore:
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Something Glossydioraddictglow

When my girlfriends and I do holiday gift exchanges, we either give fashion jewelry or beauty products. It is hard to pick a color-specific gift in the beauty category so I often choose products that can be used by anyone. Here are some of my currently favorite beauty items that help a girl to get that natural glow, be it lips, hair or face.
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Thank you so much for reading! I hope you find this list as helpful, now go get those deals before Cyber Monday is over! See you in my next post!

Happy Shopping!