Winter Celebration :: White Lace & Blue Shearling

Hello, my dear friends! Another week went by, we are a mere a few days shy of the official holiday season. Are you ready for all the sales that are happening or will happen in the next 10 days? If not, it is time to make a wish-list, bookmark the online vendors where your size is in stock, and set your price goals. Usually, if it is something I really want to have and there might be many others want the same thing, I try to buy them due pre-sale or at least during the first round of price cuts; for those nice to haves, I sort them to the bottom of the list, and just wait for the final cut. This way, I spread out my acquisitions over the next few months, both my bank and my husband will thank me. 😀

That is our sale pep talk of the month. Now onto something could potentially save some real money — shop in one’s own closet, for holidays. Holiday dressing is notoriously challenging in the sense that 1) need to step up from everyday; 2) most likely more expensive; and 3)the bigger the party, the less chance of repeating outfit. Not repeating the entire outfit doesn’t mean we can repurpose the elements, so in today’s post, I put together an outfit of which every element can be worn with something else and be everyday / special occasion.petiteflowerpresents-charlotte-simone (7 of 17)

Key of this look is amplifying the elegance and grander with monochromatic dressing and repeating texture. I recently ran into Skylar Bella online boutique that carries super inexpensive lace pieces for everyday. Have been wanting a wide-leg lace pants forever, I picked up a pair of ivory-colors from them. The fabric is super soft so the pants are flowy. When I got them, I thought how could I wear them in late fall? Then a light bulb went off, I saw them with my ivory lace shift dress that I’ve had for a few years. Together, they have the effect of tunic over wide-leg pants, glamorous yet still somewhat relaxed. I chose to belt it with a dark red skinny belt but on a hind sight, I think it would be better without.petiteflowerpresents-charlotte-simone (3 of 17) petiteflowerpresents-charlotte-simone (5 of 17) petiteflowerpresents-charlotte-simone (1 of 17)

Accessorize is always an effective and economical way to elevate, sometimes, transform, a look. Without any accessories, my all-white lace on lace look would be borderline pajama and quite plain. The oversized baby blue shearling stole give the instant luxury feel because of its texture, while the sparkling necklace and clutch set the tone for celebration.petiteflowerpresents-charlotte-simone (4 of 17)petiteflowerpresents-charlotte-simone (14 of 17) petiteflowerpresents-chanel-necklace Silver Bao Bao by Issey Miyake

With the top half of the looks all glamed up, I thought maybe it would be better to keep the bottom half a little more relaxed, so I went with sliver sneakers. A pair of starchy white would be even better fore the pants can actually reach the floor. Since I am still look for Mr. White so these will do.petiteflowerpresents-blue-shearling-stole Stella McCartney flatform sneakers silver snake embossed

I hope this post gives you a little sparkle that you’d try put together a holiday look with what’s in your closet already. Remember, repetition of color and patterns for bigger impact and accessorize, accessorize!

Thank you so much for reading! Until my next post!

Outfit Details:

Tibi dress <similar & similar>;
Skylar Belle pants;
Stella McCartney sneakers <similar>;
Bao Bao Issey Miyake clutch;
Charlotte Simone shearling scarf <faux version>;
Chanel necklace;


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    1. petiteflower

      Thank you so much Carrie! It is definitely fun to try new ways to wear old stuff, or give it an update with current items. ^^