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All White :: Sailor Pants & Batman Wings

Hello, dear friends! Now that spring is in full swing, I think it is time for us to sit down and have that White Pants talk. You probably have seen them everywhere, and all year around on some bloggers. Fashionistas are definitely breaking the rules, we all want to wear white pants, especially white denim, ASAP. Then comes the question: which pair is the most flattering for my body?Flare sailor jeans white Gucci

Before we get into the nitty gritty, I want stress one thing: most of us don’t have the perfect curves so the goal of styling is to achieve that desired S curve with clothing of different shapes.

Hour Glass — Straight Legselection of straight leg pants for hourglass shape body

Straight leg jeans is the best for hour glass body shape because visually it evens out the heaviness of hip and tights, but if you have relatively slim legs, skinny jeans are also good choice, as well as culottes.  For petite girls, straight leg or boot cut with platform shoes are the most flattering.

You might want to laugh but I am actually hourglass-shaped. 😀 I found it not very easy to look good in a pair of white skinny jeans but dark washes are okay. For white pants, I often go for a straight leg, gentle flare (like today’s pair), even wide-leg.All white look with denim sailor pants

A few options to consider for hourglass body shape:

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The Ruler – Boyfriend
selection of boyfriend jeans for boyish shape body

For girls who has little difference between hip and waist, they are considered as the “Ruler” or boyish body shape. The top concern to this body type is to create the illusion of a wider hip. Slim boyfriend jeans, or the popular paper bag / tie-waist loose-fitting ones be great for this task. This body shape is also perfect for those boiler jumpsuits. Here are a few options to consider for boyish body shape:

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The Apple — Flare / Ultra Wide Leg
selection of white flare pants for apple body shape

With the waist line being the widest part of the body, or wider shoulder than hips (like that of a Macintosh apple), slim fitting pants in general is not the best idea because we want to balance that wide shoulder instead of emphasize it. The trick is to create a wider bottom with some flare. I’ve seen some super wide leg / flare white pants decorated with lines on the outside that would be perfect for this body shape. If you are petite framed, consider flare guncho pants that is just below the knee with a pair of pumps. Below are a few options to consider for apple body shape:
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The Pear — Boot Cut or Skinny

A lot of us are pear shaped, which means some waist definition but bigger hips & tights. This happens more often once we have kids and/or getting older. There are two ways to restore the balance: one is to make our upper body appear wider with structured or loose-fitting tops (like the bat-wing blouse I am wearing) while choosing high-rise skinnies if you are overall slender; otherwise, a pair of boot cut can help making the lower body appear slimmer. The following are a few options to consider for pear body shape:
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The Waist Line

Where should it sit? Unless you already have disproportionally long legs, I will say let it sit medium or high. It doesn’t matter which shape our leg is, it always helps to make it look longer by lifting the waist line, a pair of platforms of stilettos won’t hurt, either.  In the case the opposite is your concern, longer tops covering the buttocks would just do.sailor pants with big buttons Saint Laurent mini Universitet crossbody bag

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this would encourage you to try on some summer staple white pants if you haven’t got any, with the right fit, anything is possible, 🙂 See you in my next post!

All pics of me in this post are taken by Kevin from LightBender Productions

(Chloe shirt<similar>; Gucci pants<other colors>; Saint Laurent espadrilles & bag; Celine bag; Oliver Peoples sunglasses; Ippoliat necklace; Hermes scarf;)




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