Casual Glam :: Dress-Down Outfit & Dress-Up Accessories

Hello, my friends! If you have been following street styles during fashion month, or just street style in general, you might have picked up two things, they are not as prominent as the white sneakers but noticeable, and when they become the main stream, just remember I told you here first. 😀 These two “trends” are: baggier jeans & lower heels.offwhite-26 offwhite-25

They both are part of the movement of reduced peacocking during fashion weeks and high fashion trying to become more practical. So how do one make that happen, the trendsetter’ (i.e., editors and designers) solution is dress-down an outfit with denim, especially reclaimed jeans, preferably Levis (501), and at the same time, up the accessories game.

If casual has a name, then it is denim. Even the most glamorous style, pair with something denim, would become earthy enough to wear in broad daylight. ;D Naturally, instead from head to toe high-beam fashion, throw in a pair of unfitted jeans, seems to be the quickest and chicest way to tune down the watts. These are not your everyday jeans, I have to note, they are old jeans that have been rewashed, purposefully distressed or like the one in my outfit, patched worked. to make a new pair of design jeans. It sure make the fashion crowd feel better when there is some recycling happening. Kind of ironic, don’t you think?offwhite-6

Another area when these clever fashion people find ways to infuse comfort (lots of walking during fashion month, high heels literally will kill you after day one), are the heels. There was the starch-white sneakers first, but they get dirty easily, really not much designing going on so too easy to copy. Mules, loafers and flatforms are just as comfortable but give designers a lot more room to play. So now you see all these fancy mules and loafers on the street. I am not complaining, not at all, for I really not liking sneakers and I love embellished shoes. ^^5S6A6889 offwhite-20

It is a big adjustment for me as well to wear jeans that are sort of “hiding” my best assets, my legs and butt, but it certainly grows on me. The feeling of able to let loose a bit is liberating! To offset the super casual vibes of this pair, I wore a very structured, fitted jacket and embellished loafers. Also adding my newest bag charm for a little whimsical factor and playfulness, and a see-through mesh top for more glam. This outfit is totally cool for a night-out with friends, and if you prefer to wear it to the office, a solid t-shirt or silk cami in replacement of the mesh top would do.offwhite-14

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Balmain Blazer;
Off White jeans <fit large, order one size down>;
Fifth Label mesh top;
Gucci loafers <also here & here>;
Chanel bag;
Fendi bag charm;
Dior sunglasses;


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    1. petiteflower

      You are a total fashion insider, Carrie! I have to say I need to get more scoops from you!