suede biker jacket and distressed jeans

Leather In Summer :: Suede Biker & Distressed Jeans

Hello, my friends! Summer is my favorite season, I prefer the hot and humid over the cold and static, although, sartorially, the lines between seasons are so blurred that you can wear any color, any material, at any time. So if we can eat ice cream in the winter, why can’t we wear leather in the summer? After all, it is just another layer of skin. ^ ^ This week, I will do just that — exploring ways to wear leather during bucket bag

The key to wear leather in the high temperature, or any “winter” fabric, is to keep it short. You might be surprised to learn how much cooler my cropped suede jacket is than a long-sleeve denim one. The exposure of arms allow the heat to escape more effectively. Same thing goes to bottoms, a pair of leather shorts are definitely more summer-friendly than a pair of leather pants, especially those faux leather kind. Unless, you want to wrap your legs up in plastic hoping to sweat off a couple of pounds. ;D You are laughing but I was convinced that was THE way to slim my legs when I was in high school!Flare suede biker jacketsuede biker jacket in motion

One other trick is to allow room to breathe, i.e., no skin-tight garments. This should be true for most things we wear when it is blazing hot out there. I can see myself wearing the same jacket but the white jeans might have to give it place to linen short or mesh skirt when the temp goes beyond 85. suede biker jacket, printed t-shirt and white distressed jeanspurple rock stud pumps by Valentio

What about leather bottoms? Same thing, keep them short and breathable. For instance, the fringe skirt my friend Erica wore in this post or the leather shorts I wore in this one, will be just fine. These suede culottes, however, will not do because they would be too warm.Building Block pink bucket bag

In the case the weather gets too hot for any jacket, I’d keep the layer beneath appropriate like this printed t-shirt or a silk tank that can stand alone.printed t-shirt, invisible crown Pearl and Gold edge rings by Vita Fede

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post!

(French Connection jacket <similar>; Frame Denim jeans<similar>; Doll Memories T-shirt; Valentino pumps;

Building Block bag <cream>; Dior sunglasses; David Yurman earrings; Vita Fede rings;)


7 comments on “Leather In Summer :: Suede Biker & Distressed Jeans

  1. Nathalie x

    I love the look and your Rockstuds are beautiful. I didn’t realize the colour until a few pics down. You’re right about leather in the summer. It’s the reason I haven’t been wearing my leather leggings – it’s too darn hot. But my leather jacket is free game!


    1. petiteflower

      You are so right about the jacket, Nathalie! Legging though, are hard to pull off during summer months, regardless of material.

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you so much Carrie! It makes all worth it hearing your saying that!

  2. Ling

    好久没来拜访了, 一如既往地effortless chic, 刚剪了头发吗? 好看!

    1. petiteflower

      Hi Ling! Yes, I had my haircut a couple of weeks back, lighter and shorter for the summer. 🙂

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