White All Year :: Double Denim & Raw Edge

Happy weekend, my dear friends! I think by now, it is no longer a debate whether it is acceptable to wear white after Labor Day, even mini skirts in winter or knee-high boots in summer is all fine, our range of “socially acceptable” fashion behavior has stretched out more and more. With that said, there are tasteful ways to push boundaries. In today post, I want to discuss how to wear white in fall, winter, all year round.white denim on denim with lace up all-white outfit for fall

If we think white as just a color, not a symbol of season, then what really matters when deciding whether to wear it or not is if the texture is right for the season. Fabric such as cashmere, suede, wool, denim, are all great choices for keeping us warm while providing that texture we love in cold-weather outfits. When you have the texture down, color choice is a free game. By all means, wear white. 🙂 My personal favorite outfit would be an all-white one with mohair, fur, wool and a touch of leather.PetiteFlowerPresents-marques-almeida-denim-jacket Marques-Almeida-frayed-edge-demim-jacket LV-SS16-denim-boots

Without a variety of texture, especially the heavyweights like wool and fluffy, it is good practice to “warm-up” the outfit using fall/winter colors. My outfit today is a good example — both my jacket and trousers are denim with silver accents, they appear to be too “cold” if I pair with a light color top, so I chose a fall staple color, medium brown, to visually warm up the look. In a previous post, I also talked a little bit about using darker colors to make summer looks more appropriate for fall. white denim after Labor Day PetiteFlowerPresents-flare-denim-white

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Marques Almeida denim jacket <new season>;
Gucci sailor pants <similar>;
Reformation lace-up bodysuit <similar>;
Louis Vuitton boots;
Chanel pin;
Linda Farrow Luxe sunglasses <rent here for $24/month,
first month free with code “PETITEFLOWER“>


5 comments on “White All Year :: Double Denim & Raw Edge

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you so much, Violette! Hope your weekend was great!

  1. Sally Yang

    Not anyone can handle all white look, but you are the one! Stunning indeed.

    1. petiteflower

      Sally you are just too kind! Thank you!

  2. Fancy

    What type of bra do you wear with yours? Still trying to find a good one for my reformation dress and tops.