King Teng’s Pagoda :: Pajama Sets & Wrapping Bracelets

Hello, my friends! Greetings from Nanchang! Roaming from one city to another, one drawback is short on time for blogging regularly, my apologies!

“Lonesome crane flies alongside the sunset, peaceful river blends into the end of the sky” (落霞与孤鹜齐飞,秋水共长天一色)– if you have studied in China like I did back in high school, you would have learned this King Teng’s Pagoda by Bo Wang, a famous poet from the Tang Dynasty. The poem described the beautiful nature surrounded the pagoda as well as the grandness of King Teng’s banquet. Today, there is no more parties for the selected few happening in this magnificent architecture, it is available, however, for millions to come and admire its beauty.
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The main building has seven levels, it is a fairly easy hike to get to the top one. Even though it is no longer the tallest building in Nanchang anymore, the view of the river and the new development of the city is quite nice. Years ago, I visited the pagoda with my classmate, then there was no this thick smock, we could really see the sunset and variation of colors as described in the poem. Today, one will be able to figure of the outlines of some building across the river at best. 🙁5S6A7009 5S6A70245S6A7039 5S6A7064 5S6A7057

For the city is known for its hot summer, I brought my lightest clothing with me, including this silk pajama set. When worn together, it looks more like a jumpsuit. I also found these very cool wrapping bracelets at the Hong Qiao Pearl Market in Beijing last week, thought it would be good match with the pajama and straw hat if worn a few together, what do you think?5S6A7047 5S6A7088

Thank you very much for reading! Onto the next city I went! I will try my best to post often. See you in my next post!

:: Outfit ::

Silk Pajama Set :: Equipment (here);
Rhinestone Sandals :: Lola Cruz(here);
Accessories: Chloe bag / Marcie (small); Dior earrings;
Isabel Marant necklace; J.Crew Panama straw hat;
Phone case & bracelets from market;


6 comments on “King Teng’s Pagoda :: Pajama Sets & Wrapping Bracelets

  1. brighting

    You look like 20s wearing this Silk Pajama Set! Details matches perfect! Nice sandals as well!
    have fun~

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, brighting! Shorts are must-have dealing with the hot and humid summer in southern part of China. 🙂

  2. Tracy

    You have the best wardrobe, love this set, hope you don’t mind I steal the look. 🙂 did you braid the fishtail yourself? ( Admire!! ) I haven’t done once successfully, always gave up because of sore arms. LOL Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the next blog.

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Tracy! By all means, “steal” the look. 🙂 The whole purpose of this blog is to share ideas with friends!

  3. Shushu Jenny

    这一组真是充满青春活力! 下次得向你请教化妆tips,实在是精致无暇的容妆!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Shu! I know I have been talking about an eye-make up tutorial for a while now, really should get on with it!