La Garçonne :: Color Stripes & Man’s Hat

Happy mid-week, my friends!

In case you didn’t get the memo, boyish charm is hitting big this winter. In fact, ever since women decided that it was okay to wear man’s clothing, the boy-meets-girl look never went out of style. There is something super attractive about a woman wearing a man’s shirt, it is the confidence she exhibits about her womanhood, I suppose. ;D

Today is going to be a short post for I have been spending hours learning about Google AdSense. While a man’s hat might mesh well with stilettos, it is certainly not the case between me and HTML! Please forgive, or better yet, ignore those random blanks on the left side of this web page, if they even show up. One day, they will become colorful ads that you will gladly continue to ignore.IMG_8316 IMG_8356 IMG_8362 IMG_8411 IMG_8434

Thank you very much for reading! See you in two days!

:: Outfit ::

Sweater:: Theory (old)
Striped T-shirt:: Soft Joie Risa ( on sale here)
Striped Jeans:: Hudson Lee Loo color (on sale here and here)
Boots :: Isabel Marant Blackson (old)
Accessories :: Dries Van Noten wallet (blue version here);
Wood Wood Bowery hat (various colors here);
David Yurman cable hoop earrings; Elizabeth & James Harrington sunglasses


10 comments on “La Garçonne :: Color Stripes & Man’s Hat

  1. Joyce Mung

    Like this color theme. Also the idea of man’s hat is very inspiring!

    1. Petiteflower

      Thank you, Joyce! Colors like orange and burgundy certainly bring visual warmth.:) You gotta give the hat a try!

  2. 弹指一瞬间

    What a nice vibrant colors of your outfit! It provide the perfect palette for inspiration. This get me into a fall sewing mood! Like the sweater so much.

    1. Petiteflower

      That is great to know! What are you going to sew? Be sure to show us!

  3. MuMu

    I just don’t know how you could take those photos by yourself. Love the second picture.

    1. Petiteflower

      Well, I have to give DH the credit here — he took all these photos with instructions from me then I did the photo processing. He’s coming along. 😀

  4. We He

    Lovely shot!Like the hat and boots very much !

    1. Petiteflower

      It is a fun hat for sure. 🙂

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    1. petiteflower

      Thanks for stoping by, I will check our your web site. 🙂