La Sylphide :: Flare Skirt & Dance Shoes

Hello, hommies! I went on a mini trip to New York City which was a lot of fun. It is part of a project that I have been working on the whole summer. I am super psyched that this project is about to be finished and I can reveal it to you all, so stay tuned!

When you converse with a child, if the little fella is capable of speaking human language, do you tend to ask questions like “what do you want to be when you grow up?” You know, and I know, whatever the answer might be, the kid will probably grow up and pick a profession that is far from it. Never in a million years I would shout “fashion blogger!” to anyone who had asked. My childhood dream job was ballerina, yeah, the kind that dances in tippy toes. My undying affection towards ballerinas is all because of the tutu they wear. But you know, those who can’t dance, watch. Today, I am just as happy sitting in the audience, watch the girls twirling in their fluffy tutus.

My friend SF kindly invited me to watch Shanghai Ballet with her. One of my favorite dance forms and an opportunity to dress up? It is a no-brainer! I made sure to twirl a few rounds in my stiff silk fallie skirt and glided gracefully in my dance-shoe lookalikes. Okay, fine, they look more like swing shoes but who cares, swing is also a dance. 😀
IMG_8811 IMG_8818 IMG_8829 IMG_8843 IMG_8851

Thank you very much for reading! And a big “Thank You” to SF for taking the photos! Until my next post.

 :: Outfit ::

V-neck Cardigan:: Chanel (old)
Tie-neck Blouse:: Theory (similar here & here)
Flare Skirt:: Red Valentino (on sale here)
Tweed Pumps :: Chanel (similar here)
Accessories :: Chanel summer flap bag; Ippolita Lollipop earrings;
hair clip (used here as a brooch)


5 comments on “La Sylphide :: Flare Skirt & Dance Shoes

  1. Melody Saw

    Your outfit just screams “let’s go dancing!”

  2. Melody Saw

    That outfit just screams “let’s go dancing!”

    1. Petiteflower

      Thanks! It was a fun putting for sure, thanks for inviting me and taking the photos. 🙂

  3. We He

    I wish I had your closet!Such a beautiful lady, inside and out:)

    1. Petiteflower

      Thank you! I am sure your closet is someone’s dream come true. ^^