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Self-Portrait :: Structure and Fluidity

Hello, dear friends! On an equally pleasant day 10 years ago, husband and I tied the knot. Up to a year ago, I was hoping to have this big vow renewal party in which I would be wearing my wedding gown again and my boys would escort me down the isle…all have changed because I no longer need a big party to look fancy, I am doing that every week because of this blog! ;D While you are laughing at my shallowness, I want to take this opportunity to reflect (a tiny bit) on relationships.

My marriage of 10 years has taught me how to compromise, be patient and persist. I am not just talking about the guy, though, it is also with myself. Our relationship, started with romance but no longer about romance, it is maintaining and improving this partnership in which both partners feel fulfilled and rewarded to his / her expectations.white midi dress with black blazer structured blazer black by Balmain

There is a striking similarity between the lace dress I am wearing in today’s post and the relationship we have — overall structured with room to breath. Without the set of values we both adhere to without each other’s reminder, our marriage wouldn’t have lasted. The stiff cotton lace and bonding lines of the bodice make this dress a good fit even if you have a slight variations in certain measurements. Classic quilted bag by Chanel Open back view of a lace midi dress by Self-Portrait

Accessories to the dress, differences between a couple, placement of flowers in the garden, are pretty much the same thing. They make things interesting within a good structure. We can also switch up the peripherals such as shoes, bags, jewelry even the outerwear to get different vibes, as long as they are complimentary to the dress. Today, I paired it with a structured blazer and stilettos, sending the message of poise and classy; another time, I could wear it with lace-up flats and denim jacket, hoping around farmer’s market or playing tourist, it would be all about comfort and fun.White lace dress in the garden full back view of lace midi dress by self-portraitLace midi dress in motionZebra print pumps by Saint Laurent

Few words about Self-Portrait. It is an emerging label based in London that just begin to gain cult following among bloggers and celebrities. The designer’s clever mix of fabrics,  razor sharp sense of trends, and the elegant silhouette seen throughout, season after season, makes Self Portrait super appealing to fashionistas of all ages. The modest price point is undeniably, another key success factor. If you are in need of a dress that is relevant, stands out yet still approachable , Self Portrait should definitely be on your list to consider. I’ve pulled a few currently available designs to give you a better view:[show_boutique_widget id=”259690″]

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post!

Self-Protrait dress; Balmain blazer <pre-order & on sale>; Saint Laurent pumps <similar>;

Chanel bag <similar>; Ippolita necklace; Tiffany bracelets;


7 comments on “Self-Portrait :: Structure and Fluidity

  1. danxuan

    haha, you look beautiful. BTW, I had the same though like you do.Haha.

    1. petiteflower

      Hi Danxuan! Long time no “see”! So glad to know I am not alone. 😀

  2. Kate

    Love Self Portrait dresses, but have never bought one. I guess I should. How does it fit in upper body? (my breast is big and waist is tiny)
    I live with my husband for 6 years now, it’s romantic. Not much because of me, but because of my husband. He is a big, athletic but very romantic guy. My grandparents had romantic relationship after 50 years of marriage, parents of my husband are insanely romantic after 35 years together. My grandpa was very sentimental, father of Alex is too. I think romance in long term relationships depends of the husband 🙂

    1. petiteflower

      My dress is size UK4 and it fits my just fine chest wise but a bit loose around the waist, so I think you will be safer to order the size that fits your chest then have the waist altered if necessary.

      So sweet that being romantic kind of runs in both you and your husband’s family. I agree whether a relationship is romantic or not, it has a lot to do with the guy because women are more receptive in general.

  3. Nichole Chen

    Congratulations on reaching the 10-year milestone! I admire your passion towards life, fashion and career! The dress looks fab on you!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Nichole! I have the same respect for you if not more!

  4. Carrie

    Congrats on your anniversary, friend! You look absolutely stunning here. LOL at your comments about dressing up. 😉