Love Flare: Crimson Leather & Bell Bottoms

Hello, folks! Winter is here, unmistaken, full-fledged, one hundred percent. This past Sunday, we had our first significant snow/ice rain fall, caused the Chinese school to cancel (Hurray! said the farther and the son), and today, it supposed to snow a few inches, which will cause school closing (Oh no, says the farther). While hot coco and soup are in order, a lot of people find ways to escape winter in the city. From what I have heard of friends’ winter break plans, the majority opted to go ski, and some, okay, maybe just us, are flying south. The best vacation, according to yours truly, is extremely low cost, energy efficient and environment friendly, that is stay in or better yet, stay in bed!

It is impossible to stay in bed when you have young kids, they can, you can’t . ;D With the spouse, you might be able to get away with it by saying “Honey, I am feeling a bit under the weather”, you get to stay in the comfort of your bed and catching up with Netflix. With the kids, however, not gonna happen. They come in, put their icy little hands on your face while you are still asleep and then jump on your bed until you surrender and get out.

Enough about the kids and let’s get on with the day. 🙂 My theme today is flare: bell sleeves and bell bottoms. The leather jacket is a classic motorcycle jacket style with slightly longer and subtly flared sleeves. The particular style has been around and in style for many seasons, only this year, I fell in love with the deep red and decided to take the plunge when the sale started. The velvet bottoms, on the other hand, is exaggerated, reflecting well its style name “Martini”. Combination of the two is, well, you see for yourself:
IMG_9027IMG_9044IMG_8932 IMG_9036IMG_9061

Thank you very much for reading! Please stay warm and healthy in this cold weather! Until my next post!!

 :: Outfit ::

Motorcycle Leather Jacket :: Balenciaga (avail in stores)
Bamboo White T-shirt::  Base Range (here);
Velvet Flare Jeans :: J Brand “Martini” (black one on sale here);
Booties (not shown) :: Stuart Weitzman (similar here)
Accessories :: Chanel bag; Ippolita necklace; Mirlo necklace


8 comments on “Love Flare: Crimson Leather & Bell Bottoms

  1. Joyce Mung

    It’s also extremely cold these several days in SoCal! Really like the color combination in this outfit, you are so beautiful in picture 2!

    1. Petiteflower

      Thank you, Joyce! Your kind words are like sunshine after the snow storm. 😀

  2. We He

    Love the jacket and the amazing bag 🙂

    1. petiteflower

      You have a good eye, my friend 🙂

  3. Melody Saw

    prefect red on you.

    1. petiteflower

      Thanks!Normally, I’d steer away from red colors especially for outer wear, but this red spoke to me. 🙂

      1. delia

        The bag is good choice with leather jacket. The pants fit you or you fit the pants . Good choice !! No any suggestion for this post . Perfect ! Good job .

        1. petiteflower

          Thank you, Delia! I guess I fit the pants since they are standard size. 🙂