Love Letter From Paradise :: Part II

Hello, dear friends! It is always challenging to dial down after having more, like the temperature thing, for example. Husband stepped outside in shorts this morning only to return a few minutes later, “Too cold”, he said, duh! As I am going through more pictures from things we did out side of Aulani grounds, it struck me even more how much we already have as individuals, as a family, as a country, as a generation, and how infrequently we recognize it.

Hawaiian Luau

Lucky for us, the famed Paradise Cove luau was a stone throw away. I had forgotten my previous visit to the place but as soon as I stood in the fruit punch check-in line, all memories came back. If you have never been to a luau, I’d say check it out so one thing off your list, forever. The site is beautiful, entertainment is not bad, food is horrible and wait is kinda of painful.

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One thing took me a while and almost drove husband nuts was the photo opp with parrots. I stood in line for over an hour, dinner was already served when we got our turn. With each group of customer, the photo man would take all five birds off the stand, position them on customers, snap a shot, adjust the positions then snap more, then collect all the bird at once and return them to their stand. After a few hours of this, I could only image even the birds are tired, let along the guy. So when it was our turn, we didn’t even get all five of them! Couldn’t blame the guy, though, everyone was tired. The lesson was, wait in line earlier if you want a good bird photo. 😉
PetiteFlowerPresents Vince-11 PetiteFlowerPresents Vince-5 PetiteFlowerPresents Vince-16

Waimea Nature Park

They say lower the expectation, better the surprise, it was very true about Waimea Valley. I was completely floored by how beautiful and informative Waimea was! A mere 3-mile hike on relatively flat hills, we saw many exotic vegetation and animal species from around the world. One of them is Hawaiian Moorhen. Seriously endangered, each bird in Waimea Valley has been tagged. Our mission of the day was taking notes of which ones we could see and where. Much to our surprise, we located eight of them, all within the same range. It would be good game to play with kids and keep them interested if you visit.
Hawaiian Moorhen-5

Another point of attraction is the waterfall, many came to the valley just to see the waterfall, and they have trolley taking you straight to it for a small fee. I’d rather do the hike, though, so you won’t miss the gorgeous flower wall and fun habitat of the locals along the way.PetiteFlowerPresents Vince-19PetiteFlowerPresents Vince-18PetiteFlowerPresents Vince-21PetiteFlowerPresents Raquel Allegra-2petiteflowerpresents raquel allegra-9

Pearl Harbor

Ever since we had our first child, I get emotional when young, innocent lives are lost. This time no exception, just couldn’t help it while we were watching the short documentary they played before taking us to the USS Arizona Memorial. The little one was sitting next to me, then he quietly climbed on my lap, buried his face in my chest, an overwhelming sadness rushing through me, tears stream down.
5S6A14595S6A1455The lesson learned was — don’t wear mascara when visiting Pearl Harbor. My face was all messed up, so no pretty photos on site. These outfit pics were taken at the shopping village the same afternoon as I was using another Acai bowl to escape reality.

5S6A1478PetiteFlowerPresents Alice McCall-25S6A14725S6A1558PetiteFlowerPresents Alice McCall-6

Honolulu Zoo

On our last day, we visited the zoo, a short drive from the airport and Waikiki. Small it might be, the zoo has a nice collection of animals. My boys were super happy to see the monkeys, giraffe, lion, zebra and elephant. If you are staying at a location near downtown, I’d say the zoo is a perfect outdoor space for children other than the beach.5S6A1675 5S6A1645 5S6A1643 PetiteFlowerPresents Isabel Marant 2 PetiteFlowerPresents Isabel Marant-2

PetiteFlowerPresents Isabel Marant-3

I am not sure who was the kid in pink shirt, he totally photo-bombed us. 😀

Thank you so much for reading! This has concluded our trip to Hawaii. I hope you find the information useful and the outfits inspiring. See you in my next post!

(Outfit One: Vince maxi dress <similar>; Aquazzura sandals; Dylanlex necklace; Chloe bag;)

(Outfit Two: Raquel Allegra jumpsuit <similar>; Isabel Marant sandals; Chloe bag; Dior sunglasses; Zara bandana; Jennifer Zeuner necklace;)

(Outfit Three: Alice McCall top <black>; Ralph Laurent Blue Label jeans <similar>; Nicholas Kirkwood flats; Louis Vuitton bag; Dior sunglasses, Jennifer Zeuner necklace; Peter Grimm hat;)

(Outfit Four: Isabel Marant blouse <similar>; Initial cropped trousers; Saint Laurent Oxford; Dior sunglasses;)


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