Modern Genie :: Puff Sleeves & Pixie Pants

Hello, my friends! How is your week so far? I was in a bit of TV-induced depression for the past couple of days because: 1) the hero died in the drama series I watched, in the last 20 minutes of the last episode, after completed his mission and saved the world, he killed himself!…and 2) Dallas Buyers Club.

The hero story is totally removed from real life so when this perfect guy ended up dead, I couldn’t appreciate. What happened to happily ever after, which is universal in comic fictions? Dallas Buyers Club, is pure sadness. If one stepped in the theater, expecting to witness clear definitions of good and bad, he or she would be disappointed and confused. The bad people did good things using bad method, the good people did bad things believing in good cause. The only thing I am more sure after watching the movie, is that Bale will have a tough time winning the Oscars.

Outside the theater, I played a game of chess against myself. Although the chess was black and white, the game wasn’t. How would you decide which hand win when both are your hands? Would you consider Ron Woodroof a hero?

IMG_4015 IMG_4033IMG_4089IMG_4056IMG_4094 IMG_4271 IMG_4306IMG_4178

Thank you very much for reading! This is part III of my Lunar New Year outfit-a-thon, we will go back to the usual winter colors — black and gray in the next post. 🙂

:: Outfit ::

Studded Jacket:: Isabel Marant (black version here);
Puff Sleeve Satin Blouse ::  BeBe (similar here);
Pixie Leather Pants :: Hakaan (last seen here);
Metal Bar Booties :: Givenchy / Nadi (on sale here);
Accessories :: Fraleoni Mobile Earrings; Portolano leather gloves;
Balenciaga Motocycle Bag / City (current season here);




4 comments on “Modern Genie :: Puff Sleeves & Pixie Pants

  1. Wenyun He

    You look beautiful!

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, dear! 🙂

  2. 海蛎子

    You are stunning! Love this outfit! Btw, what is the color of your Balenciaga bag, is it classic city? Thanks for your sharing….

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you and welcome, 海蛎子! Yes, my bag is the classic city in bronze color, it is a limited edition for Neiman Marcus that came out fall 2012. It has a hint of metallic but not overpowering. If you are interested, you can inquire with your local Neiman’s store.