Flawless In A Flash

Hello, my dear friends! As I mentioned in my last post, a fresh, makeup-less face seemed to dominate the runways these days, I’ve also been asked a few times by my friends how to get the look. The short answer is good skin and the right makeup. Today, I am going to demonstrate step by step with my new favorite makeup set, Clarins’ Instant Beauty Perfectors. They are super easy to apply, at home or on the move, perfect for women who are always on the go, not to mentioned all of them have the skin care benefits that is known to Clarins products.

Step 1: Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch <optional>

Your foundation’s new best friend and the only primer you’ll ever need. Smooth away lines, pores and wrinkles in a nano-second and watch your skin become even and flawless. It takes seconds to apply but optional if you don’t have it handy.

Step 2: Instant Light Brush-On Perfector  <must>

It conceasl imperfections and shadowy areas. Even better, it also delivers tightening and smoothing effects thanks to the oat sugars in the formula. I like to dab them in areas with dark spots or dull skin, then blend with a beauty blender if at home. I carry it with me all the time so I can touch up when needed.

Step 3: Face Contouring Palette <must>

Three-in-one powder palette that enable face contour in a flash. I love how the brush is thick and curved, which makes application and blending super easy. Use beauty blender for a more natural, seamless blend, or your finger tips and absorb  excess with a tissue if you don’t have one.

For a super natural look, I skipped eye shadow, but use these cheek colors to highlight and lowlight part of my eyes instead. Same goes with the nose bridge and shadow.

If you are like me, prefer a slighting glowing instead of matte finish,  you can add a touch of shimmer by applying some highlighter. Two of my favorite highlighter are this and this.

Step 4: 4-Colour All-in-One Pen <optional>

I had to make sure my sons not mistakably using this one for their coloring projects ! This face crayon pen has three retractable eyeliner shades in black, brown and indigo to line and define the eyes and one pretty neutral lip liner. For me, it is not essential to use either eye liner or lip liner, but for those who love eyeliners, I can vouch for how incredibly easy this is to use. Also, make sure you smug the liner a bit for a more nature, lived-in look.

Step 5: Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector <must>

Plump up your pout with these irresistible, luminous glosses with enhanced natural color. For a fresh-faced look, I prefer lip gloss with low shine, this one is just perfect. Even if not Clarins, I’d recommend you apply a lip balm such as this one, it adds a very light peachy shine to any lips while moisturizes and protects.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you’d like to try out this simple and natural look. Please feel free to ask questions and/or share your experience with me through comments. See you in my next post!

{ Special thank-you to Clarins for partnering with this post}

Outfit Details:

Tome striped blouse;
T by Alexander Wang turtleneck;
Mother jeans <b & w version>;
Gucci loafers;