NYFW 2016 :: The Good, Bad & Unexpected

Hello, my dear friends! After nearly two weeks heats, I am back! As titled, this post and the next few, will be about fashion week. In the past, I’ve written about shows and prepping for fashion week in general, so I thought this time I’d change it up a bit and be more personal about the whole thing. As usual, I will share with you the outfits I wore during those days.

The Good

Even though many complain about some anchor fashion houses sending out yet another round of yawn fest, the overall energy level of NYFW is still high, and the message has become stronger and stronger: it is all about diversity. It doesn’t matter if you are a recording artist, or corporate lawyer; a socialite, or a social worker; a true romantic or a total rebel, you will find your voice expressed on the runway, in the form of clothes.

Among these voices, some are louder than others, some are more constrained, some are angry, some are more cheerful, some sound too familiar, some are utterly refreshing.; some are fluffy, some are heavy…they are all beautiful, really, it all depends on what you are in tune for.

self portrait FW2016

Self Portrait FW2016 Presentation

The Bad

The worst part of NYFW, true to man y, was the weather. During the four days I was there, we experienced extreme cold, gusty  wind, snow, and pouring rain. Not making the connection, single digit weather and Valentine’s day, it has to be a heck of a show to get all the jaded editors and fashionistas out of their cozy homes. I am not all surprised that some want to move the dates to a different time for the coldest day of the year seems to always fall into fashion week. It is hard to look pretty when you can’t even feel your face, you know?Acneshearling (6 of 12)

Since the spring-summer fashion week, the organization of NYFW can be summed by one word : horrible. There isn’t any venue that could be walked to from one another, not that anyone would walk in this kind of weather, but the amount of time wasted in traffic and waiting for cars gave me stomachache.5S6A0413

The Unexpected

Despite the weather and organization adversities, I had the best time, which is beyond my expectation. Pretty much unplanned this season, I had a handful of shows lined up when I went up but I ended up going to on average 3 shows a day! I had been hanging out with blogger girlfriends at and between the shows, which is always, the best part of my fashion week experience.

with Sarah from sarahstylesseattle.com

with Sarah from sarahstylesseattle.com

Since last September, the management team of NYFW has decided that fashion week should be a fun event for all, not just industry insiders. To me, it has been like that even before it is official. I’d say at least half of the show goers, yours truly included, have no immediate power over what shows up in store in six months, but together we all celebrate, American style & talents, during this big fan fare called NYFW. 😀

Day 1 Outfit

Had been watching the weather forecast like a hawk, I knew my first day at NYFW would be he coldest day of the year, which left almost no options as to what to wear but my warmest shearling jacket. It is not the most intuitive to pair this oversized biker jacket with a long structured dress, but it worked!Acneshearling (4 of 12)

When Trendlee approached for a collaboration, I knew I would go with this rare Fendi beauty because of the texture and the dash of red. The colors work seamlessly with my dress, and I have just the right knit top to go with the theme. I was going to put on these Gucci heels to attract more shutterflies but they didn’t arrive on time. Turns out the short boots were warmer and probably better choice (elongates the body) anyway.Acneshearling (2 of 12)

Outfit Details

Acne Studios shearling jacket;
Alessandra Richi sweater;
Rosie Assoulin dress;
Marni boots<brown>;
Fendi bag <c/o Trendlee,
<use code “Petiteflower” to get 5% off first order>

Linda Farrow sunglasses;
no-name cap <similar>;