NYFW 101 :: Who? What? How?

Hello, my dear friends! I must have put your patience to test with this 10-day hiatus, it was unintended, I swear! The truth is, I went to New York for fashion week last week, ambitiously  thinking that I could update between shows, and the reality proven that I bit off more than I could chew, I only had the time and energy to post a few video clips and photos on my Instagram. After a few days of sorting and recuperating (yes, you heard it right), I am finally ready to tell you all about it — tales from New York Fashion Week, a.k.a. NYFW, and the outfits I wore of course. ^^

According to New York Times, last season, a whooping 110,000 people attended NYFW, who are these people? What can one expect at the fashion week? How to get on the scene if you are interested? Today, I will share with you my first-hand experience.5S6A4474

Apart from designers, models, magazine editors, celebrities, bloggers, these obvious attendees of fashion week, there are many more faces behind the camera: hair and makeup artists, photographers, security guards, PR firm employees, store buyers, fashion school students, drivers, volunteers and friends / family who are just there to have a good time. The best smile I captured with my lens was this girl from Brazil, she had on an amazing fur coat and the most colorful exotic skin handbag, when I asked if she were a blogger, she told me she was a surgeon that were just there to accompany her friend who designed the coat.5S6A4613

Typically, a runway show last about 15 to 20 minutes tops, the most packed day for me was three shows, then why was I so exhausted that I couldn’t blog? Because fashion is a sleepless job. During my four-day stay, each morning I got up around 8am to put on makeup and getting dressed in order to make to my first show at 10am. Most shows run about half hour late, so when it is done, it would be almost 11. For those who are show-hopping, there is a modest cafe, a hair salon, a beauty bar and media center in the Mercedes Benz tent to help with the transition. Most spend the time meeting friends in the industry. I’ve chatted with a few photographers, bumped into several famous bloggers, watched E! Online Fashion Police live taping, and got video taped myself, all in the tent.5S6A4744_1 5S6A4741 5S6A4745 5S6A4747
For those who have better reason to leave after the show, allow yourself half hour or so getting photographed outside the venue. Lincoln Center has this big plaza, more street style photographers and amateur photographers gathered there than anywhere else. When one stops you to take a photo, a few others will converge, before you know it, your ears will be filled with the shutter sounds. It is very fun to do if you have the time, be the ad hoc model.outfit 1-18 outfit 1-25 outfit 1-9(Photos above taken by Keith DeBetham)

On my second day, I was in the plaza taking outfit photos with my friend Keith, a young photographer named Richard asked if I could walk a certain direction. Sure! So I walked both directions twice for him. When he sent me the pictures later, I was very impressed and super happy — couldn’t have done it at home! The plaza of Lincoln Center, during fashion week, is a good place to meet talents for sure.

IMG_0223 Photo by Richard Guaty ( www.richardguaty.com)

 Last show of a day usually take place at 9pm. I’d be lucky if I had a meal in between. Most likely, I spent the time between show downloading pictures, hopefully posting something on social media after quickly going through them. A lot of times, I could only manage to change my outfit and post a video before heading out again. At the beginning of this post I said I was too ambitious, and this is why — assuming both roles behind and in front of the lens. I will elaborate more on this subject in a later post when we have the street style talk.

outfit 1-22 outfit 1-5(Photos above taken by Keith DeBetham)

If all of the above sounds fun to you and you really want to experience fashion week yourself, what could you do to go to the next one? It is not as impossible as you might have thought, and it is definitely not as easy as it appears, either. First, you have to define the meaning of fashion week to you, what do you want to do there? Are you there to be in the media (most likely street style collages) or be part of the media? The former get invited to the shows because the designer (and his/her PR firm) believe your presence will bring good publicity or potential orders, celebrities, well-known bloggers, fashion editors and columnists of reputable publications, stylists, fashion merchandisers are those who get the paper invites. The second group, are the general press, of which I was part of this time. I invited myself to fashion week as a media correspondent through registering with the organizers of NYFW, then I sent admission requests to various designers. Some designers will also invite every member of registered press, especially the ones are lesser known in the US. If you are passionate about fashion, want to go the the show and have something to say about it afterwards, but don’t have an invite, become a member of the general press is a good place to begin. The third channel, depends on individuals, you can be guest of guests. Say, you have a good friend who is invited to the show and can take a guest, or stylist / editor who got too many invites to cover them all, volunteer your service and hopefully, you get the ticket and enjoy the show!

A few words about what I wore. Ha, save the best for last, right? What-to-wore during a fashion week is one of the most exciting and time-consuming part of the whole experience, no fashionista is exempted. I bet collectively, Chiara from the Blonde Salad spent just as much time as I did on outfits, only she got a team to help her and probably lots of free clothes.

I had two outfits on Day 1. Unintended but it so happened that way — both outfits are retro. The first look was supposed to be sweet winter-whites (sheer dress, apron, back-pleated coat and box bag), but I think my last-minute hair style change had made me looked more like a nurse from the civil-war era, maybe there were bandages hidden in my Mark Cross Box bag! ;Doutfit 1-23 outfit 1-165S6A4560 outfit 1-17 outfit 1-15

(Photos above taken by Keith DeBetham)

Still going for a lady-like look with early spring palettes, my second get-up of maxi pencil skirt, oversized faux fur coat, flat-top hat and brooch, had took me 170 years forward to the 30’s, I’d say? I turned a cross-body bag into a fanny pack by threading my belt through it, I was officially a time-traveler at the NYFW. ^^
5S6A4637 PetiteFlowerPresents

(Photos taken with bloggers by unknown photographers)

Thank you so much for reading, more about the fashion at NYFW in my next post, stay tuned!

Outfit One:

(Preen by Thornton Bergazzi dress; Comme Des Garçons apron; Bottega Veneta coat; Maison Martin Margiela boots; Mark Cross bag; Dior sunglasses;)

Outfit Two:

 (Chloe shirt; Rosie Assoulin skirt; Elizabeth and James coat; Celine shoes; Paula Cademartori bag; Balenciaga belt; Jenessa Leone hat; Chanel brooch)


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  1. amei

    wow! you look stunning! love your look in the last two pictures. Thanks for sharing the info of the fashion week. It sounds thrilled. Hope you all the best! You are a star to me.

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Amei! You are such a great friend, I feel very blessed!

  2. Carrie

    I adore your thoughts, Holly! It was more fun to discuss them in person, but fun to read too. :)))


    1. petiteflower

      I know! So much I could say when in person, can’t wait to see you again soon! 🙂