NYFW Picks Part II :: Yuna Yang, KYE, Nicholas K, Vivienne Hu, Mongol

Hello, my friends! Can’t believe another week just flew by, as my memory of NYFW becoming distant because of all the new addition of looks showed in London and now Milan, I think I ought to write down the most impressive moments I had viewing some of the collections. This time, I won’t bore you with too many words, I will just let the pics do most of the talking. ^^

Yuna Yang — Hunting Without Guns

When I wrote to Yuna Yang, requesting admission to her presentation, I had absolutely no expectations. When the models entered the elegant ball room, I was mesmerized by how polished and retro the looks are! The whole collection was an express train straight back to the future. Yang told us that she got her inspiration from portraits of people in their hunting gear. “I don’t like guns”, she said, Amen, me, either. “But I think hunting can also be very elegant.” she added. Well, Yuna, as long as I am dressed in your designs, sipping tea instead of chasing a poor deer, I would totally feel proper.Yuna Yang FW15-27 Yuna Yang FW15-25 Yuna Yang FW15-8 Yuna Yang FW15-19 Yuna Yang FW15-31 Yuna Yang FW15-29 Yuna yang & Holly Pan

KYE — K-Pop Goes to Casino

It is either that my mental age is finally reversing, or KYE eventually matured enough that we could agree on what is cool and fashionable. I found myself liking more elements of this collection than I want to admit. I like the bookish looks of the oversized cardigan and blazer; the plush pale blue beadazzled coat; the fringed suede boots, oh yes, especially those; even the faux fur cube bags! Very playful, as KYE usual is but this time around, a lot more refined. What’s up with the hair anyway? If it is a mohair scarf resembling the look of braids, super duper cool!KYE FW15-35 KYE FW15-27 KYE FW15-12 KYE FW15-4 KYE FW15-30 KYE FW15-38

Nicholas K — Come Stronger The Wind

Urban Normad is a foreign concept to me, until I went to the Nicholas K show and became obsessed with some of the looks. They are metropolis warriors dress in cashmere, silk and skin caps. Each time, a model with floating cape or dress sweeping by, her head held high and eyes fixed afar,  my heart says: be one of them! Not super realistic thoughts, but the designs are real enough that they provide both style and warmth next winter. 🙂Nicolas K FW15-3 Nicolas K FW15-14 Nicolas K FW15-8 Nicolas K FW15-15 Nicolas K FW15-21 Nicolas K FW15-30 Nicolas K FW15-26 Nicolas K FW15-20 Nicolas K FW15-33

Vivienne Hu — Paper Crane Ecstasy

Hu must had a busy season planning the a full collection of 46-pieces, but the hard work was definitely paid off. The whole collection was well-thought out, good color flow and style transitions. Between strategically-placed zippers, the snakeskin-printed color-blocking leather leggings, and the patchwork, crystal-encrusted booties, there is a whole lot of awesomeness going around! The few quilted pieces are well executed, the ruched pieces seemed ill-fitting on some models, however. Looking forward to more daring designs from Hu the next season!Vivienne Hu FW15-5 Vivienne Hu FW15-30 Vivienne Hu FW15-26 Vivienne Hu FW15-20 Vivienne Hu FW15-23 Vivienne Hu FW15-13Vivienne Hu FW15-11 Vivienne Hu FW15-34

Mongol — Morin Khuur Meets Rap

For her debut show at the NYFW, Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu decided to open the show with an incredible performance of Morin Khuur, a traditional Mongolian instrument, mixed with rap, great taste-maker as she is known for.  Designs that followed were pretty much fashion forms of the opening music — genius mix of traditional elements, be it material or style, and their modern counterpart. The play of leather and PVC was masterful. Some of the models also had on traditional Mongolian hair jewels, elevating the whole collection from somewhat sexy to totally exotic. Mongol definitely gave all the show-goers something to talk about that Valentine’s Day, if not more.Mongol FW15 runway looks 1 Mongol FW15 runway looks 4 Mongol FW15 runway looks 3 Mongol FW15 runway looks 2 Mongol FW15 runway hair jewel Mongol FW15-10Mongol FW15-19 Mongol FW15-74


Here are a few snaps of my first outfit worn on Day 3. My plan was to wear each outerwear I brought twice during the four days I was there, so this is a coat-repeat from Day 1 but with different garments underneath. To keep the entire outfit on the lighter side I chose to wear a white fedora, coral pumps and a slightly lighter orang-y bag.5S6A5899 5S6A5902 5S6A5919

That morning I finally got to meet up with Sarah, we clicked like long-lost friends. It is always the best feeling when you meet up with friends met over the internet and they turned out even more awesome than you’ve expected. 🙂Petiteflowerpresents & sarahstylesseattle 5S6A5961 5S6A5955

(all outfit photos are taken by Sarah)

Thank you so much for reading! This will concluded my runway reviews from NYFW FW15. I will talk about street style next, see you here on the blog soon!

(Bottega Veneta coat; Dries Van Noten blouse; Saint Laurent skirt; Valentino heels; Chloe bag; Lack of Color hat; Wolfrod tights; )