off shoulder to with denim and tulle

White Christmas :: Off-Shoulder Top & Tulle Mini

Hello, my dear friends! Only four days left before Christmas, are you ready? I feel I have a lot to do, but at the same time, I don’t feel I need to stress out (too much) because of it. Some Christmas presents will arrive late, big deal really? They are still good presents and will be useful for the other 364 days, amiright? ;D

Talk about Christmas, the first time I ever celebrated was back in college when I had American teachers in China. We spent a good two months learning holiday songs of all sorts. The one song stuck with me the most was “White Christmas”, for my teacher cried the first time she sang it. She has a Master’s in music and she was from Minnesota, First time not being able to go home for Christmas, you can understand the emotion. Anyways, I remembered the song being one of those home-sick ones and I love the melody.

Apparently, we are not going to have a real White Christmas this year, we are going to have a white-hot Christmas with forecasted temperature being 70F! Guess what I could wear on Christmas Eve? Off-shoulder tops! That’s right, I can bare shoulders and not freeze to death. And for going outside, I will throw on a chunky scarf like this awesome white one from DeNada (DC’s own artisan knit designer) with a hoodie.PetiteFlowerPresents-space46 (8 of 18)
PetiteFlowerPresents-space46 (1 of 18) PetiteFlowerPresents-space46 (9 of 18)tulle skirt mini and cropped flare denimPetiteFlowerPresents-space46 (18 of 18)

Being fashionably¬†forward-thinking doesn’t have to be stuck up and have “stay 10 feet away from me” written all over, so I would wear denim with my white cotton shirt. Cropped, frayed denim to be more precise. And that is not it, a tulle mini skirt on top of the jeans, now we are having fun! Not the kind of look I will wear to a company holiday party for sure, but to the in-laws and chasing my kids on the plaza on Christmas day, oh yeah!PetiteFlowerPresents-space46 (14 of 18) PetiteFlowerPresents-space46 (10 of 18) PetiteFlowerPresents-space46 (17 of 18)

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoy this look as much as I did when photographing it.¬†Try a new look that you normally won’t go for, will you? It is almost New Year after all!

Outfit Details:

Tibi off-shoulder shirt;
DeNaDa infinity hooded scarf;
Dries Van Noten bomber jacket (pre-owned)t;
Citizens of Humanity jeans <darker wash, on sale>;
Space46 Boutique tulle skirt;
Saint Laurent shoes (new fav. sneaker brand);
Givenchy bag (new season, on sale);
Linda Farrow sunglasses;