Orlando Express :: Biker Jacket & Wide-leg Denim

Happy 2nd of 2014, my friends! This marks the beginning of a series of vacation posts, so buckle down and sit back, you are about to see outfits ranging from winter to summer. 🙂

Florida is like home away from home for us, nine out of ten times we travel, is destination Florida. First Disney, then cruise, then this island vacation. What is your preferred method of traveling, land, sea, air? Internet! I heard that but sorry, I meant a physical way. Mine is air — I always go for the least time-consuming way. This trip, husband decided that we should take the auto train because “it sounded fun for the kids!” How did it turn out? My older one says ” I like it because there was nothing else to do except playing iPad the whole time!”, my younger one added:” (and) I slept on the bottom bunk bed and ate jello for dessert!”

Of course, I found many things to my disliking. Towards the end of the train ride, husband threatened to comment on this blog with “The murder On The Orlando Express”, aka, the truth, should I complain any more. So look out for someone with the name “Fat Orange Big But”, whatever he says, it is everything but… ;D

Double-deck auto train, we were required to drop off our cars two hours before departure time.IMG_1320 IMG_1342As you will see in the picture below, cars were parked inside these huge tubes. Once arrived, they were driven out one by one. It took an hour or so to get our car.
IMG_1382IMG_1431 IMG_1403
Lunch break @ Crack & Barrel, their country store is always full of fun things.IMG_1441

Thank you so much for reading! See you in the next post!

 :: Outfit ::

Motorcycle Leather Jacket :: Balenciaga (avail in stores)
Embellished Chambray Shirt: J Crew (old);
Denim Wide Leg Trousers : Level 99 / Newport (here);
Combat Boots ::  Chanel;
Accessories :: Chloe Marci cross body bag;
Ippolita Rock Candy earrings & pendant; Chanel sunglasses;
Isable Marant Tania studded belt;


4 comments on “Orlando Express :: Biker Jacket & Wide-leg Denim

  1. Wenyun He

    Beautiful pictures and a great outfit!
    love that belt the most:)

    1. petiteflower

      Thanks. Hehe, naturally!

  2. Tracy

    I love outfit as well as the story. What pops into my eyes is the bag, such a great choice.

    1. petiteflower

      Thank you, Tracy! I really like this bag among all the cross body bags I’ve tried, wondering why I waited until now to get it. ;D

      Welcome to my blog!