Her Velvet Vase :: Pinstripe Set & Fall Outfit Planning

Hello, dear friends! How was your long¬†weekend? After Labor Day, at least it was true in the US, people switch their minds to fall attire such as longer jeans, sweater, boots, etc. But the reality requests otherwise with high 80’s sunny days, we might as well still call it summer and stay in our swimming suits. Aesthetically,¬†we have to manage, to look like we are embracing fall, especially among the online fash community, there is an increasing pressure to cover up one’s shoulder with chunky knits and ankles with leather boots!PFP-Her Velvet Vase (1 of 20)

So, what should we do? I don’t have a universal solution but I have some suggestions for late summer, early fall outfits, they should work (or worked as I tested them out myself). Are you ready?

1. Layering with light weight summer clothes. A big part of the fun of getting dressed in colder seasons is layering. By introducing one additional element (outerwear), not only a summer outfit can be fall-appropriate, there is a lot more fun when this element can be a blazer, a moto jacket, a bomber, a sweatshirt, a vest like what I did, or even feather-weight sweater. The possibilities are almost endless!PFP-Her Velvet Vase (9 of 20)

2. Weight down white with black. Even though there is no rules as to what color to wear when, in general, light colors are preferred for spring summer and darker hues are for autumn and winter. A touch of darker colors can “cool down” an outfit and make it more cold weather appealing. For example, white jeans with denim shirt might look very summer, adding black or navy blazer, the whole look can be very fall.
PFP-Her Velvet Vase (5 of 20) Long vest with back slip

3. Mix in textures. Nothing speaks “keep warm” louder than the presence of wool, fur and feather. A knitted vest, like the one I wore here, could be the perfect layering piece for early fall, and make an “all-white” look totally appropriate in the colder months.Chloe mini Faye in snakeskin

4. Close-toe shoes. It is not fair, I know, you can wear any shoes during summer as long as you are not afraid of heat but sandals in winter is not so “cool”, it is too cool. ;D When changing to close toe shoes, it is almost like a switch between spring / summer and fall / winter.Lace-effect buckled ankle boots by Laurence Dacade

A few words about the pinstripe two piece set I wore in today’s post. They are by a Singapore high street brand ‘Her Velvet Vase‘, they just launched their online store in the US and a retail boutique in New York City. When they invited me to test out their styles, I was skeptical. I mean, how much could one expect from garments that are this inexpensive? So you could imagine how happily surprised I was when I received the package — all the garments are fully lined and well made, no visible uneven hem or uncut threads. The fit is on the tighter side, so order one size up from your normal US size if you prefer a roomier fit.PFP-Her Velvet Vase Pinstripe top and culottes PFP-Her Velvet Vase Pinstripe set

The styles offered at Her Velvet Vase are on point and get updated on a weekly basis, most of them are very wearable and suitable for everyday occasions. There is also a subscription service that one will be offered new styles every month at a fixed cost.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope my suggestions can inspire your next early fall outfit. See you in my next post!

Outfit Detail:

Her Velvet Vase top & culottes;
Nomia linen vest;
Laurence Dacade boots;
Chloe Faye mini bag <suede version>;
The Peachbox ring;
Dior sunglasses;